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Are you into the latest styles and accessories? Do you have a little thing for watches in particular? Automatic watches can be an excellent addition to your wrist and they come in all different sleek designs shapes and sizes. You may not have heard of The various Turns Per Day (TPD) settings mean the single watch winders are suitable for any weight of the watch.  before, but they’re vital to keeping your stylish automatic watch in good working order.

An automatic watch automatically winds itself through the moving weight inside the watch, and this rotates according to the movements of the person wearing it. If an automatic watch is not being worn, it is not getting wound. 

The mainspring of automatic watches can unwind quickly, so they need to be wound on a routine basis to continue working and keep moving as they should. Watch winders operate by gradually rotating an automatic watch on a turntable with a specialized case which removes the need to wind the watch by hand. As the winder rotates, the rotor spins, slowly winding the mainspring. 

The Benefits of Watch Winders for Automatic Watch Owners

Owners of automatic watches tend to be proud of their watches, with some being avid lifetime collectors. If you’re interested in purchasing a high-end automatic watch, you want to protect it and keep it in good nick, right? So, here are a few of the key benefits of purchasing watch winders:

  • Convenience – getting a good watch winder means you won’t have to constantly fret about your automatic watch ceasing to rotate after just a few days of you not wearing it
  • Using a watch winder will help keep your watch well-oiled, therefore increasing its lifespan meaning you enjoy it for much longer
  • Well-made watch winders rotate quietly, so you can easily put them in your bedroom to wind as you sleep 
  • Storing your watch in a watch winder will protect it from moisture and scratches
  • A watch winder offers somewhere safe to store your watch when you’re not wearing it
  • Watch winders look sleek and stylish on display on a dresser or bedside table

What Barrington Single Watch Winders Offer

Barrington is a well-established reputable watch winder brand.  Barrington Single Watch Winders offers customers precision-made British design watch winders with ultra-quiet Japanese Mabuchi motors. The brand’s flagship premium single watch winders and stylish and compact, measuring just 11.5cm (W) x 12cm (H) x 16cm (D), so they will take up barely any space in your home. 

The gentle rotation of Barrington Watch Winders ensures a consistent movement over a longer period that won’t end up over-winding your watch. These watch winders provide the option of different rotation settings, including clockwise, counterclockwise, and alternating. The various Turns Per Day (TPD) settings mean the single watch winders are suitable for any weight of the watch. 

Standout Features of Barrington Single Watch Winders

But what are some of the features of Barrington Single Watch Winders that put them ahead of market competitors? Here is a list of the most notable: 

  • The ‘jump’ feature allows multiple winders to be connected via a connecting cable and powered from a single AC power source
  • The winders are stackable and easy to store together
  • Barrington’s single winders come with an international adapter suitable for UK, EU, and US plugs
  • Barrington offers excellent customer service – if you’re not happy with your purchase, you have a 2 year ‘back to base warranty on your winder to fall back on


Barrington Single Watch Winders are well priced. Got a certain color in mind? The single-watch winders come in a broad range of colors alongside special editions in more textured designs. They cost £225, and. if you want to spread your payment over a longer period, Barrington also accepts Klarna repayment plans.

Final Thoughts

Automatic watch enthusiasts, you can’t go far wrong when getting a Barrington Single Watch Winder to help keep your watch working properly and rotating as it should. Barrington is a UK market leader in watchwirders for a good reason, customers love them.

If you’re intrigued about learning more about Barrington Watch Winders and browsing through the rest of their shopping selection, go and visit their website or telephone (+44) 1494 410126.

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