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Best Gun Cleaning Mats

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Owning a gun is a proud American tradition. And most of us like to keep our guns in good condition too.

However, maintaining them can be a real pain in the ass. Between having to periodically clean them, oil them, and check and re-sighting them whenever we go target shooting, there just seems to be a lot of extra work involved.

Also, it can get messy when cleaning guns with WD-40, solvents or gun oil. There are many situations when you are outside of the home, like hunting or practicing shooting. And you need to clean your firearms for functioning properly.

In that case, you can simply use gun cleaning mats to lay all of your components and clean the guns easily and organized way.

As there are so many cleaning mats out there, so it’s tough to choose the best one easily. Here in this article, I will give you a list of the best gun cleaning mats out there and what amazing benefits those cleaning mats will provide.

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Our Top Picks

  • Best Value for Money – Real Avid Smart Mat – Gun Cleaning Mat
  • Overall Best – Cerus Gear Sig Sauer P320 Firearm Mat for Cleaning
  • Quite Exceptional – Sage and Braker – Waxed Canvas Gun Cleaning Mat
  • A Premium One – UsefulThingy Gun Cleaning Mat AR 15

Real Avid Smart Mat – Gun Cleaning Mat

The real avid smart mat is designed to be exactly what the name implies. It’s a smart mat designed from the ground up with smart features that deliver an organized and efficient gun cleaning experience.

This cleaning mat has been specifically designed to help you clean your guns with ease. This is a smart mat that is made from durable materials and has been designed to be very easy to use.

Also, it has a non-slip rubber backing that ensures that the mat won’t slip when you work on your gun. This ensures that your gun stays clean during the entire process and allows you to keep it in one piece for much longer than using other types of cleaning mats.

This comes in handy for those who want to protect their work surfaces and have a hard time keeping their gun clean because of oil, solvents or any liquids spills all over their surface.

  • Made of a textured non-slip base that grips onto any surface, even wood and steel.
  • It has a non-slip rubber backing that prevents the mat from slipping on surfaces.
  • The clean part tray is attached to the top of the gun cleaning mat to provide an easy way to access all your cleaning tools.
  • Available in two different sizes to fit all pistols, it gives you the most space for storing your cleaning tools and accessories.
  • Easily attaches to most firearms, including handguns and shotguns, with its belt clip design.
  • This gun cleaning mat is assembled using durable Velcro straps for fast application.
  • Comes with one grommeted stainless steel spring-loaded pin for easy removal from the firearm when needed.

Why is it worth your money? This cleaning mat comes with everything you need to maintain your firearm safely and efficiently. It has several handy features that make it perfect for those who are new or just starting with firearms.

You will also love this cleaning mat because it’s a perfect size for all sorts of firearms, including pistols, rifles, shotguns, and long guns.

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Cerus Gear Sig Sauer P320 Firearm Mat

Cerus Gear has been a pioneer in the area of firearm accessories, and they’ve been producing high-quality products for over 20 years. Their Sig Sauer P320 Promat is their latest gun cleaning mat to hit the market, and it’s well worth a look.

The Sig Sauer P320 Schematic Promat is a durable and versatile firearm cleaning mat that is ideal for any gun enthusiast and looks great on any desk or workbench. This mat features a 12 x 17-inch work area that can accommodate firearms of different sizes, including most pistol, revolver, and AR15 types.

Also, you can use this mat to clean your firearms and reload them before shooting. It has a non-slip rubber base that can be used to keep the mat in place while you are cleaning your firearm.


With a spacious 12 x 17-inch work area and a non-slip rubber base, this mat fits firearms of various sizes, including most pistol, revolver, and AR15 types, as well as other rifles. It’s a versatile cleaning option that also looks great on display too. You can use this mat to clean your firearms and reload them before shooting.

Easy to Clean

Solvent and oil resistant, this mat is also hand-washable, making it a handgun, rifle, and accessories mat that will keep looking great even after many uses to come.

Tough Build

Most of the Cerus Gear cleaning kits, including this firearm cleaning mat, are made in the USA. Also, military-grade vinyl ensures long-lasting durability because of high-grade ink print. They also maintain MIL-SPEC standards and its weather resistance in most scenarios.

  • Also, A large work area makes it easy to clean and maintain your firearm, reloading supplies, and other accessories.

You can literally wipe away dirt from your gun or any other equipment stored on this mat. It’s tough enough to take on the harsh environment of a range or shooting range yet soft enough to make cleaning your firearm easier than ever before!

The Sig Sauer P320 firearm mat for cleaning is ideal for gun enthusiasts who want to maintain their firearms properly. Since it can help keep them clean while they’re reloading or cleaning their guns. After all, that’s how they were designed!

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Sage and Braker – Waxed Canvas Gun Cleaning Mat

As the name implies gun cleaning mat by Sage & Braker is made of waxed canvas. This mat has a really nice design, and it is made of durable material which will not tear easily.

This waxed canvas gun cleaning mat comes with various pockets to hold all your gun-cleaning supplies such as oil, brushes, cleaning rods, cleaners, etc. You can place this mat on the ground to clean your guns outside the house.

This mat is also water-resistant, and it is designed for easy storage with its elastic loops. The waxed canvas mat is a fine option if you want to keep your guns in pristine condition with ease!

Additionally, this cleaning mat by Sage & Braker is a product with no shortage of features. With such a long list of features, it might seem like the company is trying to sell its product on gimmicks or cut corners. However, this is not the case.

In addition, it comes in a variety of patterns and colors that allow customers to choose their favorite color scheme for their firearm cleaning station.

The first thing we noticed about this mat is the thickness and durability of the material. The mat is made from 12 oz. waxed canvas, heavy wool, and thick leather in order to provide sufficient protection against scratches. Also, it prevents gun oil and cleaners from seeping through onto surfaces below. In addition to being tough enough to protect your gun while you clean it, this mat will also protect your workspace from oils and lubricants that could otherwise stain your floor or tabletop.

  • Made from 12 oz. waxed canvas, heavy wool, and thick leather.
  • Holds all of your cleaning gear.
  • Protects the gun and work surface.

While it does have some unique features that may not be for everyone, such as an oversized and over-stuffed size, the cleaning mat by Sage & Braker stands out from other products in its price range due to its high-quality materials and thoughtful design.

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UsefulThingy Gun Cleaning Mat AR 15

UsefulThingy has designed a gun cleaning mat especially to with your AR15 and made it with durable and strong material. As a result, it will protect your AR15 or other firearms from scratches, dirt, mud, and oils.

The mat’s top layer is made of strong polyester fabric, and the bottom layer is oil resistant. It prevents the cleaning mat from getting dirty or wet.

You can use this mat on all types of table surfaces to clean your rifle without damaging it. This cleaning mat is easy to use and roll up for easy storage.

Also, this gun cleaning mat is a useful product that helps protect your table or countertop from scratches and damage. These mats can also be used for other things.

When you use the gun cleaning mat, you’re going to be using some form of solvent or lubricant to clean your firearm. This may be either oil, grease, or even water. And the mat will soak up any liquid that might get on the surface of your firearm once you’ve cleaned it with a solvent or lubricant.

  • Made of high quality, durable, thick, and strong material that is resistant to oil/lubricant residue.
  • An absorbent and non-slip surface will prevent the oil/lubricant residue from getting on your table, counters, and rifles.
  • Waterproof material can be cleaned with water or any solvent (although not recommended due to its waterproof nature).
  • Washable – just wipe it off with warm water and soap and dry it after using it.
  • A durable gun cleaning mat in one piece so that you don’t have to worry about two separate cleaning mats for different types of weapons.
  • 100% money-back guarantee for sixty days if you aren’t satisfied with this cleaning mat.

So, what’s more beneficial about UsefulThingy gun cleaning mat than a typical gun cleaning mat? It’s got a waterproof coating, which means it will still be easy to clean your firearm with just water alone.

Additionally, it has thick padding underneath, which ensures that you will not scratch the surface of your firearm when using this product. So you can use this cleaning mat with ease.

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Best Gun Cleaning Mats Buying Guide

Gun cleaning mats may not seem like an essential piece of equipment for any gun owner. And, in fact, many shooters and hunters do not have a mat at all. But some prefer to use a mat when cleaning their guns.

Whether you choose to use a mat is mostly dependent on your personal preference. After all, there are many different types of mats on the market today.

However, some basic guidelines can help you make an informed decision when choosing a gun cleaning mat. These include the following –

Material of the Mat

Most mats are made from either cloth or rubber attached to a non-skid plastic backing material. The type of material used will usually determine how well it performs in terms of its durability and ability to hold up against water and dirt easily.

So if you’re looking for something that will last for months or years, then you need to consider getting one made from rubber. If you want something that is more affordable and will likely last for a shorter amount of time, then you should consider getting one made from cloth.


The size of the mat will determine how much it can hold. A large mat can hold more than a smaller one, but the larger the mat, the more expensive it will be to purchase.

So, since this is something you’ll use quite often and probably won’t need to replace often, it’s best to go with a smaller mat if you don’t have unlimited funds to spend on gun cleaning mats.

Non-skid Backing

The backing of your gun cleaning mat will act as its foundation when you set it on surfaces such as tile or marble. You want something that will allow your mat to stay in place while giving you maximum traction on any surface so that it doesn’t move around while in use. The type of backing you choose will depend on how much traction you will need.


The price of the gun cleaning mat that you choose will also determine how much use it will get. So if you’re going to be using your gun cleaning mat often, then go with a more expensive model to ensure that it lasts long.

If you only plan on using your gun cleaning mat once or twice, then you can get a less expensive one and still do a good job.


How To Clean Your Best Gun Cleaning Mats?

If your gun cleaning mat is made of rubber, you can simply clean it by wiping it with a dry cloth. If the mat is made of plastic, you can use the same method for your clothes.

However, if the cleaning mat is made of leather or suede, it will be easier if you use a special product to clean it. The best choice is a product that is called “Leather Cleaner”.

You will find this cleaner on amazon, and it works really well! It is a mixture of a cleaning solution, wax, and water that you can use to clean your gun cleaning mat.

Simply apply the cleaner on the mat and leave it for about 5-10 minutes. Then wipe it with a dry cloth or sponge. You will see that your gun cleaning mat is really clean!

Wrap-Up Summary

Gun cleaning mats are a great tool for keeping your firearms in good condition and looking new. A perfect gun cleaning mat will provide a safe and convenient area to clean your rifle, shotgun, pistol, or revolver.

It will also keep the firearm from getting dirty by allowing you to clean it quickly without having to remove it from its resting place on the mat.

After reading our article, we hope you got the perfect cleaning mats for your firearms. However, the Real Avid Smart Mat- Gun Cleaning Mat is our preferred choice among those best gun cleaning mats.

Although you are free to choose the best one suitable for you, have a nice day!