Best Skis for Beginners

Nothing beats flying through the snow on your skis. The wind is blowing against you as you kick up snow behind you, blasting down the mountain. It is truly a fantastic experience. You might not be adept at skiing, but very interested in trying. Fret not as you have found this article and are ready to try your hand at skiing.

In this article, the best skis for beginners will be covered. There are plenty of brands out there, but some may be too much for a first-time skier. This post will get beginners ready to hit the slopes. These brands are available all over the country; check out ski rentals Breckenridge for more information on the brand best for you. By the time you have finished reading this, you will be ready to ski. So, without further ado, let’s get into the best skis for beginners.

  1. Rossignol Experience 76 CI

If you’re looking to get a feel of skiing down a mountain, then look no further. The Rossignol Experiences 76 CI is perfect for those first-timers. They are a medium width of 91mm, which makes turning easier. This is especially helpful if it’s your first time out. You will maintain a good grip on the snow but still slice through it like a hot knife through butter, at $300 defiantly worth it for your first time down the slopes.

  1. Atomic Vantage 75

A tremendous overall pair of skis, the Atomic Vantage 75 is what a first-time skier needs. With its good stability and perfect dimensions, anyone can ski with ease. Easy to turn on and a fantastic grip, you will be skiing like a pro in no time. It has a 75mm waist size—another $300 priced pair from a reliable brand. You can start with these or use them for your entire ski career; they are good and hold up well. Take a chance with the Atomic Vantage 75’s; you won’t regret these skis.

  1. Blizzard Black Pearl 82 

Talk about style and reliability, the Blizzard Black Pearl 82 offers comfort for first-timers, and they look so good. These skis are just the right size for a beginner. Great turning ability and grip provide the skier with the best mobility possible. With an 82mm waist and coming in at $600, you will have a great pair of skis that look fantastic. Take these bad boys down the slope and look good while doing your skiing.

  1. Elan Element

Probably the best ski for a beginner, the Elan Element provides easy management. Elan Element has a 76mm waist, which is precisely what a first-time skier needs. These $450 skis offer the beginner a chance to learn to ski and improve their craft. The Elan Element skis are flexible, which provides a first timer the perfect motion when skiing. If you are worried about learning to ski, then you should go with this reliable brand. Safety and ease are what these skis are built for. If you want the most maneuverable and best to learn, try the Elan Element.

At The End of The Day

You must choose the right skis for you. Whatever fits you and your personality the best. For a wider ski, go for the Rossignol Experience 76 CI; for something smaller and more maneuverable, go for the Elan Element. Whatever you choose from this list, you can’t go wrong. They are all perfect for any beginner. If you want more information, check out ski rentals Breckenridge for more details. When you are ready, hit those slopes!


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