Best Snacks To Get When Stoned

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All those of us who can gladly identify as stoners will surely be able to describe at an almost scientific level what cannabis’ most frequent effects are like.

For instance, every stoner is definitely familiar with the term ‘munchies’ which is, in case you’re yet not aware, one of weeds’ most common effects, the one responsible for provoking an immense feeling of hunger a short time after getting stoned.

Well, if you are familiar with the famous munchies, then you must know how hard they can hit, and how rare the cravings can be sometimes.

So here’s the ultimate grocery list to make sure you get yourself ready for all those future munchies on a professional level.

1. Something to address the sweet tooth

If you can identify yourself as a sweet tooth then that’s precisely where you should begin. Many potheads will definitely agree that candies, most specifically gummies are a great enjoyment while being stoned. And if you’re one to enjoy saury flavors, gummies with sour sugar coat on top are just top-of-the-game munchies options.

2. And then something salty, of course.

We well know that when it comes to the munchies, the order of the factors doesn’t affect the product. And we also well know that munchies don’t discriminate flavors, and whether you started off with salty or sweet, you’ll be going for the other one left behind right after.

So, be sure to get ready for that flavor change urge and grab yourself some salty snacks at the groceries too. Chips, Doritos, pretzels, whatever comes to mind will do.

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3. Cooking ingredients

If you’re the proactive kind of stoner, then you surely pull off some great dishes while on the munchies, salty or sweet, or perhaps both! That’s why you should keep that in mind next time you go grocery shopping in order to get all of those essential cooking ingredients for your favorite recipes.

4. Frozen meals

Or perhaps you’re just about the opposite of proactive when you’re experiencing the munchies, and you just want the food to be already cooked and into your belly. Even more when it’s 5am and you’ve just arrived home. Then, my friend, head over to the frozen goods aisle. Frozen pizza’s been said to save many starving stoners’ lives, but get creative, frozen goods go a mile nowadays, you can find precooked lasagna, different types of woks, taquitos, frozen pizza rolls and so on.

5. The healthy option

Lastly, you should consider purchasing some healthy munchie options for those days when you feel like rather taking care of your figure, although you’re experiencing some strong cravings.

Some great healthy munchie options include dried nuts and fruits, popcorn (which is also really low calorie, fast and easy to make), fruits which you could also dip in peanut butter, broccoli and cauliflower chips, cereal, dark Choco, hummus and sell Erie, and the list could go on, you get the idea.

And that’s it for the ideal stoner grocery’s list, hopefully you’ve found the items you were longing for in it, or at least it helped you remember all those favorite snacks of yours. Now, if you’ve reached this point where you can already identify a pattern among your munchies habits, this will probably be a good indicator that you’re indeed a frequent cannabis smoker, and what every stoner should do at this point is buy some cannabis seeds and finally start growing your own marijuana plants at home, that is, if you’re not already doing, which in that case, good for you!

Check out the strains that match your favorite flavors best and have fun cultivating!

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