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Southern Replacement Cuss Words
Mar 16/17

Southern Replacement Cuss Words Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

In the South, our parents taught us to go to church on Sunday, treat others with manners and politeness, as well as keep your language as clean as possible. Being raised in the south it wasn’t that we didn’t’ occasionally hear a few curse words in the house, but our parents certainly didn’t use profanity in the normal stream of conversation. The occasional colorful comment (and they were colorful ! ) was more likely to happen when mom dropped a piece of china or dad banged his head under the car hood.  If it happened to be something I did that provoked Dad's occasional curse word, a few minutes after the episode he would say to me "boy, you would make a preacher cuss". 


Southerners were raised to love "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am," "please," and "thank you;" and sometimes we're so polite we don't even say real cuss words, even though we very much feel the frustrations and emotions that prompt cursing.  In fact, to make sure we are true to our momma’s wishes that we don't have a "potty mouth" we've created quite the vocabulary of fake cuss words – words that aren't quite as offensive as the real thing and aren’t technically curse words, but words that still get your point across.


Here are some of the favorites used by the parents and grandparents, as submitted by Bourbon & Boots fans.


The “Damn” Replacements:

  1. “Darn”
  2. "Dang it"
  3. “Dadgummit”
  4. "Dagnabbit”
  5. "Dad Blast It"
  6. "Dadburnit"
  7. Well “Hells Bells”
  8. Well “I’ll be dog”
  9. “What in the Sam Hill?”
  10. “Tarnation”
  11. “Jumpin’ Jehosaphat
  12. “Heavens to Betsy”
  13. “Geez Louise”
  14. Well “I’ll be a sumbitch”
  15. Well "I declare" 


The "Shxt” Replacements:

  1. That’s a "Load of Crap"
  2. "Crapola"
  3. "Crud"
  4. "Holy crap"
  5. "Holy moly"
  6. “Holy Cow”
  7. Are you “jerking my chain”?
  8. That’s total “Horse Hockey”


The “F-Bomb” Replacements:

  1. Shut the “Friggin” door
  2. Shut your “Freakin” pie hole.
  3. Start the “Flipping” car.
  4. Oh “Fudge”
  5. "Mother of Pearl!"
  1. Oh my stars!
  2. Great balls of fire!
  3. "Mother of all mothers!" that was close
  4. “Jiminy Cricket”
  5. “Sheez”
  6. “What a peckerhead”


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