Bourbon Barrel Cigar Ashtray

Bourbon Barrel Wooden Cigar Ashtray

Having the perfect cigar just got even easier. If you enjoy a cigar in the evening along with a nice dark bourbon or whiskey, then you are going to obviously need to have the perfect ashtray. Whether you are outside on your patio or inside your smoke room – you want to be sure that you have all of the necessities to enjoy a a smoke and a drink. Cigar time is very important to those who really like to get specialty cigars, so in order to enjoy a fine cigar – it is time to also fine the perfect cigar ashtray, but do not forget all of the accessories as well.

Time to set up the perfect location to enjoy a cigar. If you are planning on smoking outside, then you need to find the perfect location. Most people prefer to relax in their backyard area on patio furniture while sipping on a glass of wine or liquor puffing away on their cigar. In order to get this area just right, you need to be sure that you have comfortable patio furniture and you need to be sure that the lighting is okay once the sun goes down.

You may even have a hot tub area or an outdoor grill – this makes that area even better for cigar time. A nice cigar ashtray that can be used both outside and inside is going to be the Mantello Deep Ceramic Cigar Ashtray that is made out of a solid blue ceramic. This ashtray is made to hold large cigars and it also has easy fixed extra group pads on the corner, so it is going to stay secure. This is a durable ashtray that is also fire resistant.

Are you thinking about hosting a party for the end of the summer? That is the perfect time to have a barbecue in your backyard with all of your friends and family. This is also the perfect time to enjoy a titanium alloy cigar ashtray that is made out of aluminum alloy with a trendy gloss finish. This is a simple looking ashtray, but it also has sophistication. This ashtray looks really good and it also is affordable. You can use these ashtrays outside, but you also can use them for gifts for all of the attendees to your backyard and of the summer barbecue.

This next ashtray is quite impressive and it is under $20 with free shipping. This is a triangle looking maple lacquer three cigar ashtray that has deep maple wood accents along with black accents. This is a great ashtray for those who may be playing cards or those who are at the same table.

If you are thinking about planning an event outside or if you are going to do some type of party for the end of summer, then you will also want to think about the extra things besides ashtrays and cigars. You will want to have either candles or you may have some type of LED lighting for the outside, so that all of your guests are able to navigate without injuring themselves. When it comes to candles, you need to think about if you have a bug or pest control problem.

Towards the end of the summer, mosquitoes and other bugs are looking for places to hide. You may want to have a few citronella candles on standby, because they will help all of the mosquitoes stay away. You also might think about doing LED lighting for your walkways, they help greatly by lighting up the ground giving enough illumination, so that everyone will be able to get from place to place without trying to see where they are going.

As far as food and beverage, if you are having cigars and liquor – then you want to be sure that you have plenty of food for those that might indulge. You will want to have food that has a high carb intake, such as breads or pastas. If you are not trying to do a huge sit down dinner, then plenty of accessories should be able to take care of your crowd.

Gift Ideas

If you are ready for the holidays, then you do not need to worry about any type of and of summer barbecue. Instead, you can start looking for unique holiday gift ideas. This is a really fun cast-iron hand antique ashtray. This can be used anywhere you like and it is a fantastic gift idea for fathers or any mail that might be in your life. It is a high quality sturdy product, so you do not need to worry about this ashtray breaking. It has a rustic look and any type of cast iron ashtray is going to withstand all types of punishment.

The manufacturers of this product stand behind their ashtray, therefore they have no problem with a money back guarantee should you not enjoy this ashtray. Here is another great accessory to add if you plan on getting gifts for the holidays. This is a solar lantern that has a flickering light to mimic a blaze or a flame. This is an excellent gift idea that is affordable, but paired with a cigar ashtray of your choice – it is going to be the perfect gift for any man.

It is weatherproof and guaranteed with three unique lighting modes and it also works for a long time. Your recipient will be able to enjoy cigars outside while having proper lighting. This is definitely a gift for somebody who enjoys being outside relaxing.

The Internet is going to have some fantastic gift ideas, but if you are looking for one-of-a-kind cigar ashtrays, you might check all of your local smoke shops to see if you can find something you like. Otherwise, the Internet is going to be the best place to find anything that might be customized or hard to find. The main thing is having a good selection of ashtrays for all of those smokers that you like to socialize with.

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