Career Options for Those Who Want to Work in Healthcare

Working in healthcare is one of the noblest options available, and unlike other options, it pays very well. You can have it all when you work in healthcare, and there are a lot of options open to you. You can work in medicine, in research, or in a supportive role. You can directly translate your current career into healthcare, and work in their marketing departments, in their accounting departments, IT departments and so on. Alternatively, there are many areas of medicine and roles within those areas that you can train yourself for.

With so many great options available, it can be hard to figure out what you want to do, and more importantly what you will need. With this guide, you’ll know all the top career options for those who want to start a career in healthcare:

Healthcare Practitioner

There are a few great options for those who want to work directly with medicine. If going through medical school is too expensive of an option, then your options are not barred to you. Nursing is so much more than palliative care. Top-level nurses earn over $100,000 a year and work in key areas of healthcare, even in the surgery room or as a Nursing Practitioner taking on clients of your own.

Nursing is the backbone of healthcare and ideal for those who need a more accessible option. Not only does it take just a few weeks to get started as a Certified Nursing Assistant, but there are also even some great options for online accelerated BSN programs you can take that will allow you to use any non-nursing Bachelor’s degree and use it to fast-track your way to becoming a Registered Nurse. Carry on to become an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, and you can work anywhere, in top-level positions, and earn the highest wages for your work.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are expected to grow massively in demand in the coming future. The ones at the top of their career earn over $85,000, and roles are expected to grow in the next decade. Physical therapists are also much easier to qualify for than other healthcare positions, meaning you can help others sooner, and build up your career before you know it.

Physical therapists, chiropractors, and even massage therapists are all great roles to get involved in, as an increasing number of people look to physical rehabilitation to help them heal after injury, reset after large bouts of stress, or even just treat themselves.

Physical Therapist
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Speech Therapist

Speech therapists work in rehabilitation and with those who have speech difficulties. Being unable to communicate effectively can put a huge strain on your mental health and social skills, so speech therapists provide a very important role in healthcare. As they are rather specialized their pay is also quite attractive, with the option for you to open your own practice or work independently from early on.


Healthy living is on the front of everyone’s mind. By training as a dietician, you can then start your own business, work for another agency, or work directly with rehabilitation centres. Dieticians are important and can be found in almost every industry, so you don’t even need to work directly with healthcare professionals to do a great job. Work in the entertainment industry, work through gyms or build up a brand of your own through social media and online.

Dentist or Dental Assistant

Dentistry is definitely one of the harder professions to get involved in, as they require a substantial amount of schooling, but you can work your way up from a dental assistant. Dentists are imperative for healthcare, as oral health is the gateway to many other areas of a person’s health including their heart. Dentists typically make very good money, as their practices are generally private.

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Care Worker

You can work and care for your loved one at home through the government. This allows many who would otherwise struggle to care for a dependent loved one get the help that they need. You would be trained in a few key skills that will enable you to provide your loved one with the support that they need.

You could alternatively train to be a care worker to help others remain independent and healthy in their own homes. Or you could work in a care home in a supportive role, though in care homes you will have more career options available if you become a nurse.

IT Specialist

Healthcare is going digital, and for good reason. IT specialists will be necessary for increasing numbers to handle healthcare applications, digital appointments, and to work to keep all the sensitive healthcare information private. If you work in IT, you can help the entire country by working to improve the digital healthcare offerings that will allow more people access to quality care regardless of their healthcare insurance or where they live.

Business Management

Healthcare organizations, from hospitals to clinics and beyond, need smart business management. Only when they are fully optimized in a way that cares about the patients as much as the bottom line can profit soar and patients finally get the quality care they need, and even at a better price. Healthcare management or business consultants are brought on regularly to inspect the state of the organization and to provide suggestions on how they can improve.

Your Role in Healthcare

You can easily do what you are working at right now in healthcare. There are hundreds of roles available, and they all need to be filled by compassionate, dedicated people. Marketers, managers – even artists. Everyone needs healthcare and therefore every role can be used within the industry. If you want to help others, all you need is to start to direct your attention towards the right open roles and to even get in touch with departments you believe you would be a good fit for to see if there is any way you could use your skills to help everyone in the country.

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