Casio G-Shock Nature Coexist Watches

Casio introduces its latest Nature Coexist collection, unveiling two eco-conscious timepieces crafted from sustainable materials. Drawing inspiration from the GA-B2100 model, these watches boast innovative features, including Bluetooth connectivity and Tough Solar charging, enabling the battery to harness energy from both natural sunlight and artificial light sources. The watch bezels are meticulously crafted from bio-based resins, while the straps showcase a commitment to environmental responsibility, being constructed from recycled TRUECOTTON fabrics. Adding an extra layer of eco-friendliness, the cloth bands are adorned with hues derived from dyes sourced from natural elements, courtesy of Food Textile.

The two watches are codenamed: GAB2100CT1A5 & GAB2100CT-5A and available at Casio.

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