Air Mail

AIR MAIL is a unique, potent, refreshing drink that has just the right amount of sweetness. For many years, it was assumed that the earliest documented acknowledgement of the Airmail cocktail was in Esquire's 1949 edition of Handbook for Hosts. Although Esquire was the first to cover the Air mail, master bartender W. C. Whitfield had written about it on his go-to guide 'Here's How, Mixed Drinks' eight years before in 1941. The Airmail is currently classified as a vintage drink that is rarely found on modern menus. The powerful tastes of rum, honey syrup, lime, and champagne are combined in a way that perfectly balances sweetness, tangy, and bubbly. The champagne and lime add a refreshing taste, while the honey soothes the taste. Rum flavors come gently on the end, creating an unique taste. It is an excellent companion for any occasion or event. A perfect after dinner drink with its unique blend of rum, lime juice, honey syrup and champagne. It is described as “It ought to make you fly high” on the book of Whitfield.

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