Almond Tea Toddy

Almond tea toddy is one of the popular cocktails that has been around for years. It's a great drink to sip on during the winter season. It is believed that this cocktail was created in Europe back in the 1800s. It may have existed before then, but it surely did not become popular until the 1800s. It can be made with different variations, some of which are listed below: - Hot water and almonds, boiling together - Water and sugar or honey - Water, sugar or honey and lemon juice The Almond Tea Toddy orange liqueur and orgeat or almond syrup will be mixed together in a shaker with ice cubes. Once the mixture is chilled, it should then be poured into a tall glass that has been filled with hot orange-spiced tea. The drink should then be garnished with an orange half-wheel.

Spirit Used


1 Ounce Plymouth gin
½ ounce Orange liqueur
½ ounce orgeat or almond syrup
4 Ounce Hot brewed chai or orange-spiced tea
Orange half-wheel


1. Stir in preheated Irish coffee glass or mug.
2. Garnish with orange. Serve in an Irish Coffee Glass.

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