Apple Rum Rickey

Apple Rum Rickey cocktail is an iced drink that was popular in the 1920s. It is unclear who invented the drink but it is believed to be created in New Orleans sometime before World War I. It was most popular during Prohibition when it got its name because of its similarity to a "rummy" drink minus the rum. The Apple Rum Rickey is a cocktail made from applejack, rum and lime juice. It is also known as a Rum Fruity, a Rum & Fruit Juice or a Rum & 7 Up.

Spirit Used


¾ ounce Applejack
¾ ounce Light Rum
1/4 Lime


1. Pour applejack and rum into highball glass over ice cubes.
2. Fill with carbonated water.
3. Squeeze lime and drop into glass. Stir.
4. Serve in a Highball Glass.

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