The Beauty-Spot cocktail was created by Tony Conigliaro in 1973. It's a mix of gin, orange liqueur, vermouth, grenadine, and fruit juices which are shaken together. A Beauty Spot Drink is a type of cocktail, usually served in a Cocktail Glass. It's a 5-ingredient cocktail. At first, add a splash of grenadine in a cocktail glass. Secondly, shake the remaining ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker. FInally, pour into a glass over grenadine, and serve. It is a delicious, refreshing and easy-to-make drink which is a perfect party cocktail for you to enjoy with your girlfriends on a hot summer day. Be careful though - they are very addictive!

Spirit Used


½ tsp Grenadine
1 ounce Gin
½ ounce Sweet Vermouth
½ ounce Dry Vermouth
½ ounce Orange juice


1. grenadine into bottom of chilled cocktail glass.
2. Shake remaining ingredients with ice.
3. Strain into glass. Serve in a Cocktail Glass.

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