Big Chill

Big Chill cocktail

The Big Chill is “a sophisticated, classic cocktail that has been around for decades.” The drink was created in 1963 by the bartender at the legendary King Cole Bar in New York City. It is a fruity drink now the most popular in Hawaii.

The name of the cocktail comes from its original ingredients: rum, pineapple and cranberry juice, apricot brandy, and orange juice. It was originally served on ice. If you order it now though, it will not come with ice or orange juice because apricot brandy is no longer used as an ingredient. It is served in cocktail glasses, garnished with pineapple pieces, and drunk chilled.

Spirits Used:


1 ½ ounce Dark rum
1 ounce Pineapple Juice
1 ounce Orange juice
1 ounce Cranberry Juice
2 tsp Cream of coconut
Pineapple wedge, maraschino cherry


1. Process ingredients in blender with 1 cup crushed ice until smooth.
2. Pour into hurricane or pilsner glass.
3. Garnish with pineapple and cherry.
4. Serve in a Beer/Pilsner Glass.

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