Blood Sage

Blood Sage is a cocktail that was invented in the summer of 2013 in New York City. The drink was created by David Nelson and Bianca Green, who were bartenders at the time, and was sold in various bars and restaurants. The Blood Sage cocktail ingredients include fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, blood orange juice, mezcal (or tequila), milk (or cream), and black salt. It is typically shaken with ice and strained into a chilled coupe glass. The garnish for this drink is either an orange twist or a green olive on top of the drink’s foam head. No one knows who actually invented it but its origins are generally traced to Italy where it has been called the “Nero di Seppia” for centuries before coming to America.

Spirit Used


2 blood orange wedges
2 fresh sage leaves
2 ounces Aviation gin
¾ ounce lime juice, freshly squeezed
¾ ounce simple syrup
1 egg white
Garnish: sage leaf


1. Add the orange wedges and sage leaves into a shaker and gently muddle.
2. Add the gin, lime juice, simple syrup and egg white, and vigorously dry-shake (without ice).
3. Fill with ice and vigorously shake again until well-chilled.
4. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
5. Garnish with a sage leaf.

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