Bolshoi Punch

Bolshoi Punch is a Powerful, Undeniably Russian Drink - Invented In 1894 By Alexander Shokolov. It's Also Called A "Russian Punch". It's Main Ingredient Is Rum And That's Why It Has Such A Strong Taste. The Word "BOLSHOI" Literally Means "BIG", So This Name Describes The Drink Perfectly. It is a drink that is traditionally served in an Old-Fashioned Glass. It's a five-ingredient mixed cocktail. Learn how to create a Bolshoi Punch by following the drink recipe below.

Spirit Used



1 ounce Vodka
¾ ounce Fresh lemon juice
½ ounce Simple Syrup
½ ounce Light Rum
½ ounce Crème de Cassis


1. Shake and pour into ice-filled old-fashioned glass.
2. Serve in an Old-Fashioned Glass.

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