Boozy ‘Booch Spiced Rum

Booch Spiced Rum Cocktail is an incredibly popular herbal drink created through the fermentation process, and makes for an unlikely, but delicious, pairing to spiced rum.It is a spiced rum cocktail that has been around for over two hundred years. It was first served by its namesake, Captain Frederick Marryat, in 1823. This recipe of the cocktail derives its name from the word "booch", which means strong drink in Dutch and German. It was called Booch in English and then it got shortened to Boozy 'Booch since people found that easier to pronounce. It also means strong drink in French-Canadian language and is used as an adjective to describe something strong, such as a good wine or coffee. This cocktail is made with dark rum (traditionally Gosling’s Black Seal Rum), sherry (dry English or Oloroso), fresh lime juice, ginger syrup (made byThis spiced rum cocktails recipe specifies ginger kombucha, but you can substitute other flavors that you enjoy like lemon, mango, and so on.

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