In the early 1800s, a bartender at the American Bar in Paris created a drink for Charles Chaplin. The bartender's name is unknown, but he called it the Chaplin cocktail. It is a drink that celebrates the career of Charlie Chaplin "The Tramp" by combining his favorite spirits and garnished with a lime peel in tribute to the character he created. It consisted of Cognac, dry vermouth and English bitters. Later on, other bartenders would change the recipe by adding lemon juice and absinthe. The original recipe is still available today and you can find it on some cocktail blogs. But thanks to social media it has been revived in recent years with many people posting their own recipes online for this drink that you can easily mix up at home.

Spirit Used


¾ ounce Bourbon whiskey
¾ ounce Dry Sherry
¾ ounce Ramazzotti Amaro
1 tsp Triple Sec
1 tsp Orange Bitters
Lemon twist


1. Stir with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass.
2. Add lemon twist.
3. Serve in a Cocktail Glass.

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