Colorado Bulldog

The Colorado Bulldog cocktail is a local drink of Denver. It is a red wine, vodka and grapefruit juice concoction which is said to have been invented in the 1970s. Some say that it was invented by a bartender, others say that it was just a happy accident. No matter how it came to be, the drink is now loved by many people who live in Denver and beyond. The most important ingredient in this cocktail is grapefruit juice. It gives the drink its tangy taste while also adding some sweetness. Adding grapefruit juice to the mix creates another layer of flavor which brings out the citrus notes from both wine and vodka. It's a variation of the Manhattan cocktail.

Spirit Used


1 ounce Kahlúa
1 ounce Vodka
1 ounce heavy cream
2 ounces Coke


1. In a cocktail shaker, combine the Kahlúa, vodka, and heavy cream.
2. Add the ice and shake.
3. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice.
4. Top with the Coke and stir.

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