Dixie Whiskey

The Dixie Whiskey is a cocktail that was created in the early 1900s and became popular in the South during Prohibition. It’s a mix of fruit juice and whiskey. Originally, the Dixie was made with bourbon but nowadays, it is more often made with rye whiskey or bourbon. It's also known as Dixie Daisy, The Blue Grass Cocktail, and The Southern Belle. It is considered to be a Southern cocktail and it may have been created as an alternative to cocktails such as the Tom Collins if you couldn't get gin or vodka due to Prohibition. The recipe for this drink has evolved over time and now includes many variations such as adding different liquors, juices, soda water and much more.

Spirit Used


2 ounce Bourbon whiskey
½ ounce White creme de menthe
½ ounce Triple Sec
¼ ounce Simple Syrup
1 tsp Angostura Bitters


1. Shake with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass.
2. Serve in a Cocktail Glass.

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