Fleming’s Vesper Martini

There are two stories told about how the Fleming's Vesper Martini cocktail was created. The first story is that Fleming invented the Vesper Martini cocktail for James Bond in 1953. The book Casino Royale states that "He ordered a large vodka... He took up his glass, looked at it and then slowly rotated it." This quote implies that the vodka he ordered was what became the Vesper Martini. The second story is that Fleming didn't invent this drink but instead created it for someone else in 1952, when he visited Jamaica to write an article on their rum trade industry. This story says that Fleming invented this drink when he found out there were no Martinis available on. This drink has gin, vodka, vodka, Lillet Blanc and green chartreuse as ingredients.

Spirit Used


3 ounces Gordon's Gin
1 ounce vodka
½ ounce Kina Lillet
Lemon peel for garnish


1. In a cocktail shaker, combine the gin, vodka, and Kina Lillet.
2. Add ice and shake until the mixture is very cold.
3. Strain the mixture into a Champagne goblet (coupe).
4. Garnish with a thin slice of lemon peel.

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