Groovy Gimlet

Groovy Gimlet

The Groovy Gimlet is a drink that has its origins in the 1960s. It spurned on by “Cocktail Hour” on Mad Men, it has become more popular due to the resurgence of 1960s drinks. It is traditionally made with gin, Rose’s lime juice and simple syrup.

It is a unique and flavorful spirit, made with butterfly pea flowers, which make the final product a vivid purple color. It has an herbal and floral aroma and taste; It is recommended to drink it on the rocks or in a cocktail.

Spirits Used:


2 ounces Gin – Butterfly Pea Tea
¾ ounce Lime Juice
¾ ounce Coconut Syrup


1. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice
2. Shake for approximately 30 seconds to chill and combine ingredients
3. Fine strain into a Nick & Nora glass
4. Garnish with edible flower

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