Lumberjack is a drink that's not only vegan but also free of alcohol. The earliest known recipe dates back to 1894 when the cocktail was first published in an old edition of "Boston Cooking-School Cook Book". The name “Lumberjack” comes from the original ingredient brand name called Lumber Company. It was created by Walter D. Mason who owned a distillery in Chicago Illinois. This cocktail is very popular in the modern times. They are made with a variety of liquors, grenadine syrup, cream, orange juice, and fruit. It originally served as a non-alcoholic beverage to children who were not allowed to drink alcohol at that time. However, over time they have gradually grown more popular among adults as well.

Spirit Used


2 ounce Bourbon
1 tsp Light brown sugar
½ tsp Unsalted butter
8 Ounce(s) Apple juice


1. Stir in preheated Irish coffee glass.
2. Top with cinnamon Serve in an Irish Coffee Glass.

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