Maple Ginger Rum Hot Toddy

Maple Ginger Rum Hot Toddy is a perfect drink to warm up the cold weather. The earliest reference to the drink was in 1730 when it was called "toddy". A recipe for "Toddy-Ale" appeared in Charles Elme Francatelli's 1805 cookbook. The American writer Washington Irving mentions "toddy" in 1822. The name “hot toddy” is derived from the British term “toddy,” which means a strong alcoholic beverage that often includes ginger and other spices.

Spirit Used


5 ounces boiling water
Ginger teabag
¾ ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
¾ ounce pure maple syrup
1½ ounces spiced rum
Orange wheel, cinnamon stick, and candied ginger for garnish


1. In a mug, steep the ginger teabag in the boiling water for five minutes.
2. Discard the teabag.
3. Add the lemon juice, maple syrup, and rum. Stir.
4. Garnish with an orange wheel, cinnamon stick, and candied ginger.

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