Paddington is a fantastic drink that gives you the same great taste as a White Russian but without the calories or guilt. In the early 1900s, Paddington was known as a “middle-class suburb” with many clubs and restaurants. Some of them were famous for their cocktails. The Paddington cocktail is most likely named after one of these clubs or bars. It’s believed to be created in the late 1930s at Harry’s Bar (though it may have originated at The Beresford Hotel).

Spirit Used


½ ounce Absinthe
1 ½ ounce Light Rum
½ ounce Lillet Blanc
½ ounce Fresh grapefruit juice
½ ounce Fresh lemon juice
1 tsp Orange marmalade
Grapefruit twist


1. Pour absinthe into chilled cocktail glass, swirl to coat inside, and discard excess.
2. Shake remaining ingredients with ice and strain into glass.
3. Add grapefruit twist.
4. Serve in a Cocktail Glass.

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