Sangria is a wine-based drink that has its roots in Spanish cuisine. The history of this drink can be traced back to the 16th century and its discovery in Portugal. Sangria means “blood” in Spanish, which might have been derived from the fact that it contains red wine, fruit juices, and various other ingredients which were often soaked up with a piece of bread. The popular theory of where sangria originated is that it was invented by nuns during the time of Spanish Inquisition. They would make this drink to give to their guests who were on their way to death or would get drunk before being executed so they wouldn't suffer much during torture.

Spirit Used


3 ounce Fruity red wine, such as merlot
¾ ounce Dark rum
½ ounce Allspice liqueur (pimento dram)
½ ounce Orange liqueur
½ ounce Honey Syrup
½ ounce Fresh lemon juice
Cinnamon stick, orange twist studded with 3 whole cloves


1. Shake with ice and strain into ice-filled red-wine glass.
2. Garnish with cinnamon and orange twist.
3. Serve in a Red-Wine Glass.

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