Santini’s Pousse-Café

Santini's Pousse-Café is a cocktail made with coffee liqueur, cognac and cream. It was created by Alain Richard of Parisian café Angelina’s in 1884. Alain Richard had served it to Empress Eugenie of France after dinner one night and she had loved it so much that she asked him for its recipe. As an Empress, Eugenie held considerable influence over the culture of France and Alain Richard's Pousse-Café soon became very popular all over France, especially during summer months. This cocktail can be served in an Old Fashioned glass.

Spirit Used


½ ounce Brandy
½ ounce Maraschino liqueur
½ ounce Triple Sec
½ ounce Gold rum


1. Pour ingredients, in order given, into pousse-cafe glass.
2. Ingredients should blend, and not layer.
3. Serve in a Pousse-Café Glass.

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