South Mint 75

South Mint 75 is a classic gin cocktail that includes the main ingredients of South India - peppermint leaves, lemon juice, and jaggery. It is a variation of the classic Mint Julep, made with gin instead of bourbon. This is another refreshing cocktail that can be served during the winter or fall seasons. The history of this drink is not conclusively known, but it is most likely a 19th century invention by an unknown bartender in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Spirit Used


1 ounce Sutler’s gin
¾ ounce lemon juice, freshly squeezed
¾ ounce lemongrass syrup*
6 mint leaves
Brut cava, to top
Garnish: mint leaf


1. Add the gin, lemon juice, lemongrass syrup and mint leaves into a shaker with ice and shake until well-chilled.
2. Double-strain into a coupe glass.
3. Top with the brut Cava.
4. Slap a mint leaf against the back of your hand to express its fragrant oils, then garnish by placing the leaf on the surface of the cocktail.

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