Thunderstorm is a first of its kind, sweet and sour mix-based solid cocktail. It is available in the form of powder (dissolved in water) or as a syrup (mix with soda). In 1869, George A. Pecher created a new drink he called Storm Cocktail. It was made with Irish whiskey, peach brandy, and raspberry syrup. The drink was then renamed in 1890 to Thunderstorm Cocktail when it was found that many people were already making the drink at home. The original recipe for this cocktail is still unknown to this day but some variations include adding grenadine or lemon juice to sweeten it up.

Spirit Used


1½ ounces vodka
Ginger beer
Lime wedge for garnish


1. In a collins glass filled with ice, pour the vodka.
2. Top off with the ginger beer and stir using a cocktail spoon or stirring stick.
3. Garnish with a lime wedge and serve.

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