Vodka Cooler

Vodka Cooler is a mixed drink that contains vodka and a variety of different juices. Some sources say that Vodka Coolers were invented in 1980s by a bartender who accidentally mixed vodka with grapefruit juice while thinking he was preparing a sour mix. However, there are plenty of other potential explanations about this drink’s origins - from being invented by a bartender at Trader Vic’s in Palm Springs to being created at various bars across America during Prohibition.

Spirit Used


2 Ounces Vodka
½ ounce Ounce(s) Simple Syrup
Soda water or ginger ale
Orange and/or lemon zest spiral


1. Stir vodka and syrup in Collins glass.
2. Add ice cubes and fill with soda water or ginger ale.
3. Insert a spiral of orange or lemon zest (or both) and dangle end(s) over rim of glass. Serve in a Collins Glass.

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