Vodka Sling

The Vodka Sling is a cocktail that was created in the late 19th century. It is one of the earliest cocktails to use vodka as its base alcohol. It was created by an American bartender, John H. Allard, in 1911. It is unknown how the name "Vodka Sling" was coined. Some say that it is because the drink contains half a shot of vodka and half a shot of sloe gin. Others say that it is because the drink contains two ingredients that are mixed together with ice. Whatever the reason, this drink has been around for 100 years and will always be around to make us feel good!

Spirit Used


2 Ounces Vodka
1 Ounce Fresh lemon juice
½ ounce Simple Syrup
Orange twist


1. Pour vodka, lemon juice, and syrup into ice-filled old-fashioned glass and stir.
2. Add orange twist. Serve in an Old-Fashioned Glass.

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