Watermelon Mint Smash

Watermelon Mint Smash is a refreshing cocktail made by muddling watermelon, lime, and mint. This cocktail has a sweet taste to it with a subtle hint of tartness from the lime juice. The recipe for this cocktail was first published in the "Los Angeles Times" in 1949. It was created by Donato Batali for his father's restaurant, San Francisco's Trattoria Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria. Batali's father wanted to create something that would be refreshing on hot summer days because he thought that customers would be coming in droves if they had the option of drinking something cold and light at lunchtime.

Spirit Used


5 mint sprigs
¾ cup cubed watermelon
½ ounce simple syrup
1 ounce club soda
1½ ounces silver tequila
Mint sprig for garnish


1. In a mixing glass, muddle the mint sprigs and watermelon.
2. Add simple syrup, club soda, and tequila.
3. Add ice and shake until chilled.
4. Strain the mixture into a rocks glass filled with ice.
5. Garish with a mint sprig.

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