Couples Camping: The Best Things to Bring

Camping with a partner can be an incredibly romantic experience. From starry night skies to the peaceful sound of a crackling campfire, exploring and reveling in nature creates a special kind of intimacy. Feeling close and connected under the stars, listening to crickets chirping, or taking in beautiful sunrise views can be truly magical. It can feel like the two of you have the whole world to yourselves.  

To make the most of this romantic setting, one important thing is crucial before you set foot in the great outdoors – careful planning. Packing enough camping gear and other essentials, like food and drinks, is essential for a successful trip. However, if you’re hoping to create a feeling of romance and sexiness, you’ll want to pack more than just the typical camping gear. Consider bringing items that will make your camping experience extra special.  


You can’t have a romantic camping experience without some music. Acoustic instruments like small guitars for travel, ukuleles, harmonicas, and even drums are perfect for accompanying the crackling of your campfire. If you’re feeling extra creative, why not write a song together? This intimate activity is sure to bring you closer.  If you have no musical talent, put together the perfect playlist to play quietly in the background of the campfire or during cuddling time in the tent.

Twinkle Lights

Whether plug-in or battery-operated, twinkle lights can be used to create a dreamy ambiance in your campsite, hang them around the perimeter of your tent, along the edges of your picnic table, or even wrap them around trees nearby. You can also get creative by stringing fairy lights into a canopy above you and your partner as you lay side-by-side beneath the stars. The possibilities are endless. You can turn your ordinary campsite into a magical and romantic retreat with twinkle lights. 


Candles can also be used to create a sexy camping scene. Place candles inside hurricane lanterns and hang them around the campground or place them safely on rocks, stumps, and logs near your campfire. For an extra romantic touch, use scented candles with aromas like lavender, rose petals, or sandalwood for a truly sensual experience. Of course, never leave candles unattended, and always ensure they are placed in secure holders that won’t tip over or catch anything else on fire. 

Massage Lotion

For a truly intimate camping experience, massage lotion is the perfect addition to your camping gear. Unlike oil, which can be messy and hard to clean up, the lotion absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves it feeling soft. You can use this as an opportunity to bond with your partner by giving each other a sensual massage to bring you closer together. 

An Ultra Soft Blanket

Make sure to pack an extra-soft blanket for added comfort. Whether you decide to cuddle around the campfire or have a romantic night in the tent, this blanket will provide a comfortable cushion that feels great against bare skin. You’ll need a blanket anyway, especially for colder nights, so why not bring one that feels luxurious and warm?  

A Star Map

Star gazing is a must. With a star map, you can identify constellations and other star patterns in the sky together.  Conveniently, there are star mapping apps available on most smartphones that will show all of the stars visible in the night sky. Imagine leaning in close to find amazing things on a map and then gazing upwards together to see those same stars twinkling down on you.  That will be a memorable, romantic time. 

Bed Linens

Although sleeping bags are traditional for camping, you should strongly consider packing bed linens when planning a romantic campout. This will make sleeping together in the tent more comfortable and give your camping experience a hotel-like feel. More importantly, making the bed with sheets and blankets makes it easier to snuggle in close. 

Food and Drink

No romantic campout is complete without some delicious food and drinks. To make the evening even more special, bring fancy chocolates or dipped strawberries, chocolate fondue, crusty bread with cheese and crackers, cherries jubilee or your favorite chocolate dessert. For drinks, consider packing some champagne, sparkling cider or wine to add an extra layer of celebration and intimacy.  

Putting together a sexy campout is all about setting the right mood and atmosphere.  With a bit of creativity and thoughtfulness, you can make a great weekend into an unforgettable one.

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