Easy ways to unclog the drains

When life is going well, and everything seems to be going okay, everything is going uphill at a steady pace, and you are climbing towards success every day, there is very little that you can ask for. But one thing that most people do not even think about until it’s already too late is the plumbing issues. Usually, you can notice them right at the onset, but a few are very potent and can cause a lot of damage to the owner and property likewise. While calling up the plumbing seems to be the easiest and best solution, you need to rely on the plumber‘s help as it takes very little to fix small issues.

Dish detergent

This seems to work best on the drains of your shower and the toilet. These are two drains that clog up very easily because of the materials that pass through. The shower drain is most likely hair that bundles up over a long time slowly clogging up the drain while the toilet drain can get clogged up because of various materials like female sanitary products, wipes and toilet rolls to poop. Dish detergent is a mild solution that breaks down this residue and is easy to use. All that you have to do is take a detergent cup to throw it down the drain followed by boiling water and then simply use the plunger to aid in clearing the plumbing.


You don’t even have to go out looking for this as it can be found in your fridge; coke is a pretty caustic solution that is very mild compared to commercial cleaning solutions but gets the job done for a fraction of the cost. Simply empty a large bottle of coke in the drain and wait for a couple of hours before using the drain, the best time is to do it right before you go to sleep as you give it more time to react. It effectively cleans up any buildup in the drains and the hot water after making sure that there is none left to corrode and damage the plumbing.


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Yes! There are times when none of the solutions seems to work on the stubborn blockage and you have to put in some elbow grease. Manually unclogging the drain can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to clean out the residence pipes. However, make sure that you are using the right plunger for the right drain to get the best results.

Caustic soda

This is perhaps one of the most vital cleaning solutions out in the market that you can use, even before we begin to know that you should handle it with proper care and using safety equipment like eye-goggles and rubber gloves. This is a harsh cleaning agent for the most stubborn blockages, create a solution using cold water and pour it in the drain and wait for it to clean the plumbing out. Follow by running in hot water and rinse the drain out.

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