The Best Events Across the USA

If you love to travel and you are thinking about exploring your horizons and enjoying that United States – there are so many popular events that people from across the world join and come together for the spectacular events that bring culture and creativity together, but also it is a great way to enjoy something new or if you are already a diehard fan – then you will be able to show off your enthusiasm with all of the newbies.

The SundanceFilm Festival is held in Park city, Utah every year. This is the largest independent film Festival in the United States that is a wonderful way for independent international filmmakers to showcase all of their documentaries and feature films. This is a great way for film lovers to get together and enjoy all of these new movies, but there are also discussion panels for participation. This festival is generally held at the end of January.

Another huge event that is held for entertainment and for anybody that loves comic conventions is going to be Comic-Con International that takes place in San Diego each year. This is a great way for anybody that loves pop culture to check out all of the newest in comic and graphic novels. Manga and Anime have also been quite popular at this event that will feature primarily video games, movies, and collectors items, but you can also expect to see many people dressed up at this event. This is an event that was started in 1970 that use to be held in a basement, but now it has become a huge phenomenon.

Of course, Americans are going to absolutely love Super Bowl Sunday. This is a great way to enjoy a tailgating with the best two teams in the NFL. It is normally held in one of the Sun Belt cities that has a large arena. One of the biggest parts of Super Bowl Sunday is the halftime show. The halftime show is extremely popular for anybody that is home, because most people hold some type of Super Bowl party or they go to a bar where they can enjoy watching the game with all of the other fans. Also, because this event is so popular – tickets can be extremely expensive. Whether you are in the stands or if you are watching from home – Super Bowl Sunday is a big deal.

If you have not been to Mardi Gras’s in New Orleans, Louisiana – you are missing out on one of the best carnivals in the United States. This is a festival that has a history dated back to medieval Europe. A French-Canadian Explorer named Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur de Bienville brought this tradition to American when he settled into New Orleans in 1699. This is a family-friendly carnival that has floats with lots of entertainment and exceptional food. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the month of March. This can be a destination for a family vacation with lots to do during this time.

The Masters Golf Tournament brings in golf fans from around the world to check out this tournament. This is only one of the four events in professional golf that is major. It takes place at the Augusta national golf club in Georgia every year, but be wise and careful – tickets are actually hard to get because this event is so popular. Also, it can be difficult to get airfare to fly into this destination in April. Most people enjoy watching this event on TV. This was a tournament that began in 1939 and was noted for being the first golf event ever broadcasted on the radio.

All music lovers are going to love Coachella that is held in Indio, California. The Empire Polo club is where this event is held. Anybody that enjoys music is going to love listening to all of the bands and famous music artists that will perform. This is a very interesting event, because lots of celebrities attend this concert not performing, but walking the crowd with everyone else. If you are into fashion – get ready to dress to the nines, because everyone is going to be walking as if they were on a New York runway during fashion week. Also, this festival gets extremely hot – so be prepared to pack sunscreen and drink lots of water.

The Boston marathon is also an extremely popular running event that takes place throughout various cities in the greater Boston area. This marathon began in 1897 with only a few participants, but now it is the worlds oldest annual marathon that draws runners from all over the world. The event takes place on Patriots’ Day which is the third Monday of April. If you want to participate, you need to be sure that you register in the beginning of September. However, if you want to cheer on the runners and have some fun as a spectator – the crowd gets really loud and loves to cheer on all of the runners.

Last but not least is Fourth of July – Independence Day throughout the entire United States of America. This is the commencement of the publication of the declaration of independence – a document that was drawn up in 1776 stating the union’s intent to challenge the British for their independence. This is a public holiday that can be enjoyed for everyone around the United States. This is a great time to have a festive barbecue or a Fourth of July party with all of your family and friends. Almost every city and town in America has a celebration as well. The Fourth of July is the perfect time to clean off the grill and make cheeseburgers/hotdogs with lots of potato salad and watermelon for everyone to enjoy. You can also play games if you are at home or you can participate in any city activities. Most communities have a parade and then the city parks host different types of activities for everybody to enjoy.