Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

The Best Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

Chances are, you have a whiskey lover in your family that you’re going to need to shop for at some point. And then next time you search for an amazing gift for them, you’ll have a number of different ideas to go on.


Because you’ll have read our list of gifts for whiskey lovers, that’s why!

We’ve searched high and low for the finest, most sophisticated and interesting gifts that should make any whiskey lover’s eyes light up. 

All you need to do is choose one of these items, and you can tick that lucky, special someone off your list as you purchase your presents. 

Whether you’re shopping for their birthday, Christmas, father’s day, or just for fun, you can refer to this list for an amazing selection of potential presents. 

1. Whiskey Stones

It doesn’t matter who you’re shopping for – as long as they like whiskey, you can’t go wrong with whiskey stones

They’re interesting, they’re effective, and they’re definitely sophisticated. In case you weren’t aware, whiskey stones function in the same way as ice cubes – only they don’t melt. 

Put them in the freezer, wait for them to get cold, and pop them in your whiskey without having to worry about the melting water affecting the taste of your whiskey. 

2. Bourbon Barrel Coffee Table

If you really want to go the extra mile for that special someone, why not get them a bourbon barrel coffee table?

The best types are made from real, genuine and upcycled bourbon barrels. The effect is pretty rustic and sophisticated, but it might be an acquired taste for some. So before you purchase your bourbon barrel coffee table, make sure that it matches the aesthetic and interior design of the recipient’s home. 

3. Salted Whiskey Caramels

If the person you’re shopping for has a sweet tooth, then a box of salted whiskey caramels might do the trick. 

These sweets are a real delicacy, and they have that slight bourbon flavor that whiskey drinkers will fall in love with. Get your dad or grandpa a box of these, and he’ll always remember your gift.

4. Ice Ball Tray

If you know that the person you’re shopping for doesn’t like whiskey stones, then you can still help them cool their whiskey with some stylish, interesting ice balls, the perfect gifts for whiskey lovers!. 

Get a tray for making these ice balls, and your whiskey lover will be using them day in and day out, guaranteed. The lowered surface area of these completely spherical ice balls makes them melt slowly, which is a major plus for any whiskey drinker. 

5. Bourbon Empire: The Past and Future of America’s Whiskey

If you’re shopping for the reading type, then your whiskey lover will thoroughly enjoy leafing through this amazing book. Bourbon Empire tells the story of the birth of Whiskey production in America, and it’s a great addition to any coffee table. 

It’s the sort of thing any grandpa would be proud to have in his collection. He might even use it to educate his visitors on the finer points of whiskey!, the perfect gifts for whiskey lovers!

6. Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Coasters

While an amazing whiskey book is a solid addition to any coffee table, it’s definitely not the most essential. That honor goes to the humble coaster, which can help your whiskey lover protect their table while drinking whiskey in style. 

Of course, you can buy whiskey-inspired coasters – and our favorite options are the ones made from (what else?) bourbon barrel wood. 

7. 101 Whiskeys to Try Before You Die 

Okay, there’s one more book that every whiskey drinker will love to read, and it’s 101 Whiskeys to Try Before You Die. Even veteran whiskey drinkers will love leafing through this book and discovering brand new whiskeys that they’ve never even heard of. 

This gift might be especially well-received by someone who’s just getting into whiskey for the first time. 

8. Yamazaki Single Malt

Of course, if you really want to please a whiskey drinker, you won’t mess around with whiskey-inspired drinks… You’ll get them the real thing instead!

And if you’re going to buy someone whiskey, Yamazaki Single Malt is a great option. Sure, there are plenty of good American options, but chances are your whiskey lover has already tried the American brands. This famous Japanese brand is a novelty for most Western drinkers, and they’ll enjoy trying the Japanese whiskey for themselves. 

9. Whiskey Decanter

A whiskey decanter  is another strong option, and it’s the sort of gift that you really can’t go wrong with. Many people don’t bother buying a decanter, as they see it as a necessary expense. After all, why not just pour straight from the bottle? But if someone else is buying the decanter… Then it’s all gravy! 

A decanter adds a touch of sophistication to your whiskey setup, and your whiskey lover will probably really appreciate having one. 

10. Whiskey Sour Pickles

Ever heard of whiskey sour pickles? Well, we hadn’t either – until we started writing this list! It’s exactly what you would expect – top-quality pickles that are soaked in Rye whiskey for a totally unique flavor. This gift is a bit of a gamble – but some people absolutely love whiskey sour pickles!

11. Whiskey Notebook

Whiskey notebooks are great gifts for serious whiskey aficionados, as they allow them to write down exactly how they feel about new whiskeys after trying them. Whiskey notes can be accumulated for years in a neat, attractive notebook. 

12. Whiskey Wedge

A whiskey wedge is another solid option for ice cubes. These wedges minimize the surface area touching the whiskey, and they’re a favorite across all whiskey-drinking circles. 

13. Whiskey Pipette 

A whiskey pipette is another neat little gadget, but only if your whiskey lover likes to add a couple of drops of water to their whiskey glass. According to Scottish logic, the water helps the whiskey’s flavors come out. With a pipette, your whiskey lover can ensure that they’re only adding a few drops at a time. 

14. Moby Ice Bucket

Not all ice buckets are created equal! This one is sleek, sophisticated, and it saves your guests from making that dreaded trip to the fridge every time they want another drink. Need we say more?

15. A Field Guide To Whiskey

A Field Guide to Whiskey has it all, from trivia to recommendations and much more. It’s another book that most whiskey drinkers will really appreciate, especially if they’re truly passionate about the history of whiskey. 

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