Handcrafted Writing Pens

The Top Handcrafted Writing Pens

If you’ve ever used a bad pen, you know how frustrating it can be to get words onto a page. Although we live in a digital world, many people still enjoy the feeling of a pen in hand when taking notes or writing. The quality of the pen can make all the difference and improve the feel and flow of the words on the page.

Here are the top handcrafted writing pens:

Bethlehem Olive Wood Ballpoint Pen

This handmade pen was handcrafted from Bethlehem Olivewood. It includes a special gift wooden box (Jerusalem Box) to store the pen when it’s not in use, helping it to last longer. This pen was handcrafted in Bethlehem by a top olive wood artist and is original and one of a kind. The pen writes in classic black. The Holy Land market wooden box is cut by laser and crafted to open and close elastically without breaking. The pen is 13.5 cm long, making it ideal for any hand to hold. It also comes with a certificate of origin for the olive wood used.

IDEAPOOL Luxury Rosewood Ballpoint Pen Writing Set

This elegant pen set includes: a natural handcrafted antique wooden pen and matching black gift box. The writing point is .7mm and writes smoothly for an effortless flow. A truly unique pen, it is stylish and great for all creative types, business professionals, writers, and friends. The set also includes one stainless steel black ink refill that can be replaced easily. The company also offers blue rollerball ink refills if you prefer blue to black. IDEAPOOL also offers a money-back guarantee to provide excellent customer service.

Handcrafted Rosewood Pen Set

This beautiful rosewood pen set is balanced and includes a no-spill design. The pen is tested for both balance and spillage to guarantee a truly comfortable and consistent ink flow. The nib’s innovated design always dispenses a steady flow of ink no matter the angle, making it perfect for calligraphy. This fountain pen is made out of solid brass and rosewood with stainless accents and nib. For safety purposes, the ink is not included, so that will have to be purchased separately.

Hand Turned Wood Pen

An elegant design, the hand-turned wood pen was crafted using various types of strong wood, making each pen unique. No two pens will be the same. It has an easy to use twist mechanism that pulls apart at the center to easily change out refills for black, blue, and red ink. All of the wood used to craft the pen is natural and has had no staining. The brand offers different types of wood for you to choose from, along with a metal finish. You can also add personalization with an engraving. This pen is made in the USA.

Xezo Maestro Natural Iridescent Black Mother of Pearl Platinum Plated Roller Pen

This gift box includes 1 roller pen refill, certificate, and a 3-year warranty card. The pen itself is a fine point .5-.6 mm with the original rollerball refill interchangeable with a variety of other brands. Each pen is made from natural Tahitian Black Mother of Pearl. Each pen is unique as the colors of Black Mother of Pearl range from black to green, gray, and blue, along with touches of red, purple, and pink overtones. This is a truly unique pen that’s also beautiful.

Bendecidos Pens

Based in Dallas, Texas, Bendecidos Pens is a family operated business that puts forth all of their own labor to create each pen. These wooden pens also feature rose gold and black titanium metal. Made from natural wood, each pen is unique, and they are handcrafted one at a time. The pen comes packaged in a pyramid style wooden box that can be used as a display when the pen is not in use.

Dryden Luxury Bamboo Fountain Pen

This 100% handcrafted fountain pen is ideal for pen collectors and calligraphy aficionados. With no blotching, skipping, or bleeding, this pen ensures the quality of writing each time it’s used. The pen comes with a matching bamboo gift case. You can write for hours with easy flow and no strain to wrist or hand. For safety reasons, the ink is not included and should be purchased separately. This brand offers a lifetime money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk when you purchase the Dryden pen.

GC Antique Wooden Stem Pen Set

This calligraphy pen set includes the wooden dip pen, six different nibs, one ink bottle, and one ink pen holder. The wooden dip pen provides superior control and stability for easy ink flow while the balance is unmatched for comfortable writing experience. This pen is 100% handcrafted with luxury rosewood and a stainless steel nib.

Ren Handcraft Luxury Wooden Ballpoint Pen Set

This high-quality pen from Ren Handcraft uses natural wood to provide a good balance and lightweight feel that’s comfortable in the hand. Both the pen and box are created with rosewood and maple wood. The gift box not only maintains the safety of the pen when not in use, but it is a display holder for an office desk. The set includes: 1 wooden ballpoint pen, 1 wood gift box, and 2 ballpoint pen refills. It is ideal for everyday use and can be refilled easily without a mess.

Legacy Woodturning Stick Shift with Reverse Pen Kit

This gearhead shifter pen kit comes with 2 chrome and 1 gunmetal finish. They are perfect for the home pen maker that is looking for something a little more unique. These pen kits pair perfectly with anything from maple to deer antlers. The weight feels great and the balance is near perfect.

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