Host Outdoors With these Great Home Upgrades

Are you always the one who wants to host friends and family for a nice dinner and conversation night during the summer or fall? If so, the latest in backyard upgrades could be the perfect addition for keeping your family and guests comfortable and having fun. What’s more, is that these same features can be a value-add when it comes time to try to sell your home quickly or for an excellent price. Let buyers envision themselves in your backyard oasis this year.

Outdoor Living Room Set-Ups Make Guests Comfortable

Gone are the days of a few plastic folding chairs on a concrete slab – sure, those still make for great memories, but today, outdoor entertaining is all about comfort. Outdoor living rooms are usually completed through plush outdoor furniture, weather-resistant rugs, and a coffee table or sophisticated glass patio table. These features encourage guests to stick around for a while!

A Permanent Firepit Extends the Outdoor Seasons

Even if your area has a long outdoor hangout season, a firepit is a classy and fun way to keep guests and family members warm even when the nights start to get chilly. Something about the comfort of a roaring fire brings people together, and nothing draws the inner child out like a few s’mores made in the backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen Allows for Gourmet Grilling

Just like the outdoor patio furniture has gotten an upgrade, having just one charcoal grill that is only rarely used has become the old-fashioned move. Instead, consider an outdoor kitchen: this is permanent counter space, an excellent grill, and storage that allows you to cook whole meals outdoors. While kids play and family members chat, you can get all the cooking work done right there in the backyard. There are even people who put in gourmet extras like a wood-fired pizza oven!

Outdoor kitchen

Rained Out? Adjourn to the Rec Room!

Backyard upgrades are certainly the trend during the spring and summer of 2021, but if you know that you want a backup plan for bad weather, the basement is the place to upgrade a rec room! Real estate agents mention adding fresh carpet or flooring, setting up ping-pong or pool, and even adding a basement wet bar to really keep the party going. Basements are also a great place to expand if you don’t have a guest suite in your home – finishing up a basement and adding another bathroom can ensure that your backyard guests have a place to crash if they want to stay for a little longer.

While most of these upgrades will be most useful to you as entertaining features of your home life, many also will help you to sell your home quickly. Talk to a local top real estate agent to see how you can play up the best features of your home’s entertaining potential. Buyers will find multiple homes that meet their basic needs, but features that really help them “see themselves” living there can be what puts them over the top and prepares them to make an offer.

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