How Long Is Endwalker? Unlock Its Duration & Compare to FFXIV Expansions

Ever felt lost in the vast universe of Final Fantasy XIV, wondering just how long it’ll take to reach the end of Endwalker? Fact: players have spent anywhere from 200 to 250 hours just on main quests.

This article will guide you through Endwalker’s length and compare it with other expansions, helping you map out your adventure. Get ready for a journey!

Key Takeaways

Endwalker can take over 250 hours to beat, packed with main quests, side quests, and extra content.

The main storyline of Endwalker offers a rich narrative through Hydaelyn and beyond, potentially taking 50–60 hours alone.

Leveling up and grinding in Final Fantasy XIV adds depth to the gameplay experience, requiring patience and strategy.

Your play style influences how long you’ll spend in Endwalker – exploring every detail or rushing through will greatly vary your game time.

Comparing expansions reveals that “Endwalker” competes closely with “Shadowbringers” for duration, but may edge ahead when including all extra content.

Understanding Endwalker in Final Fantasy XIV

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Endwalker is the latest chapter in the Final Fantasy XIV online game. It adds a new adventure across Eorzea and beyond. In this expansion, players face off against dark forces to bring peace to the land.

You’ll explore new areasmeet new characters, and fight big battles. The story wraps up loose ends from A Realm Reborn through Shadowbringers, promising an epic conclusion.

This part of FFXIV lets you become a hero in its vast world. Players can choose jobs like Dark Knight or others to take on quests and challenges. With Endwalker, the journey from beginning to end could stretch over 250 hours if you dive deep into everything it offers.

So gear up for an adventure that might keep you busy for months!

The Duration of Endwalker

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Endwalker takes a good chunk of time to beat. You’ll spend hours playing through its main storyline, tackling extra missions, and leveling up your character. Some folks might speed through it faster if they use a FF14 boosting service.

The main storyline

Gamers get ready to set foot in a journey across Hydaelyn and even beyond, where the fate of the star hangs by a thread. The main storyline grabs you from the start, tossing you into epic battles and thought-provoking encounters with characters like Emet-Selch who will challenge your beliefs about villains and heroes.

It’s not just another chapter; it’s a rollercoaster through emotions and revelations that shapes the future of every living being on the planet.

Through my own eyes, as I played FF14, tackling Endwalker felt like piecing together a giant puzzle. Some pieces were challenging, making me spend hours unraveling mysteries, while others fell right into place as I ventured deeper into new lands.

Completing this saga, from A Realm Reborn to Endwalker isn’t just about hitting level caps; it’s about witnessing over 200 hours of storytelling magic unfold—a feat Square Enix is known for mastering in MMORPG landscapes.

Additional content and quests

You won’t just spend time chasing the main storyline in Endwalker. Oh no, there’s a heap more waiting for you. Side quests pop up like daisies, offering stories that can make you laugh or tug at your heartstrings.

Hunting down aether currents turns into its own adventure, letting you soar through new skies. Dungeons and multiplayer raids throw challenges at you that are both tough and thrilling.

The world of Final Fantasy XIV isn’t just big; it’s filled with secrets begging to be uncovered.

Diving into this game, I found myself wandering off the beaten path more often than not. Each side quest felt like uncovering a new piece of a vast puzzle. And don’t get me started on those dungeons; they’re like mazes packed with monsters itching for a fight.

It’s this mix of exploration and battle that keeps pulling you back for more, far beyond the final credits roll.

Leveling and grinding

After diving deep into the extra quests and content Endwalker throws your way, it’s time to talk about leveling and grinding. Trust me, this part is like running a marathon with your favorite RPG character.

You keep pushing forward, aiming for that next level or better gear. It reminds me of those late nights when I just had one more level to go before hitting the sack. Grinding in Final Fantasy XIV feels like you’re on a constant treasure hunt.

You’re always looking for that next piece of valuable loot or trying to finish off another quest.

For those who love spending hours perfecting their characters, Endwalker won’t disappoint. Leveling up requires patience and strategy, especially if you’re juggling multiple jobs. I’ve had my share of coffee-fueled evenings trying to get my healer ready for the next big raid with friends from Twitch streams.

And boy, does it feel good when you finally get there! Whether it’s battling through dungeons or completing challenging tasks, every step gets you closer to becoming an Eorzean legend.

Factors Affecting the Length of Endwalker

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Several things can make Endwalker longer or shorter for you. Your skill level with Final Fantasy XIV games, how fast you play, and if you like to explore every corner will change your game time.

So, gear up and see how your journey in Endwalker unfolds!

Player’s experience with Final Fantasy XIV

Playing Final Fantasy XIV for the first time feels like stepping into a vast new world. You start in A Realm Reborn, eager and maybe a bit lost. The journey from this point can stretch out to 200–250 hours if you’re just sticking to the main story quests.

But let’s be real, who does that? There’s so much more to see and do! The game has a way of drawing you in with its rich narrative, making every side quest feel like part of your character’s personal saga.

The depth and evolution of the story across expansions is something I didn’t expect. It keeps me coming back.

This quote sums up what many players feel as they dive deeper into Eorzea’s lore with each expansion, including Heavensward and Stormblood. Your play style shapes how you experience the game – whether you rush through battles or take your time exploring every nook.

Some gamers have said they spent between 43 hours to even 5.5 days finishing just the main storyline because they couldn’t get enough of the cutscenes and voice acting. That dedication shows just how captivating FFXIV can be, turning what could be seen as “leveling and grinding” into an adventure worth every second.

Player’s playing style and pace

Your way of playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn shapes how long you’ll spend in Endwalker. Rushing through? You might zip past the main story in no time. But if you’re like me, taking it slow to soak in every detail, that clock will tick a lot more hours.

I remember getting lost just marveling at the environments and chatting with other players. Those moments add up.

Some gamers tackle quests back-to-back without stopping. They have a mission and stick to it. Others can’t resist veering off the path for side quests or leveling up different classes.

Think about it – one day you’re fighting monsters, and the next, you’re breeding chocobos or hunting down relic weapons. It’s all part of the adventure but changes how long you’ll stay in this RPG world.

Degree of exploration and side quests completion

Some players love to dive deep and explore every corner of the game. They spend hours on side missions, talk to every character they meet, and look for hidden treasures. This kind of exploration can add many more hours to playing Endwalker.

For those who enjoy taking their time, listening to all voiced cutscenes without skipping a beat makes the adventure longer but way richer. Each choice you make in this journey shapes your experience.

Others race through the main plot as fast as they can. They focus on big battles and moving forward without much distraction. Even then, Endwalker offers plenty enough to keep them hooked from start to finish.

This approach might shorten their gaming hours, but still delivers an epic tale worth telling around the virtual campfire.

Comparing Endwalker’s Duration to Other Final Fantasy XIV Expansions

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Let’s jump right into how “Endwalker” stacks up against its siblings in the family of Final Fantasy XIV expansions. Picking up a controller and diving into these epic tales, you’ll notice each journey offers its own flavor of adventure, danger, and the sweet taste of victory (or defeat, if you don’t dodge those AOEs!).

Imagine lining up all the expansions side by side, like runners at the start of a marathon. Each one is revving to take you on a tour of Eorzea (and beyond!), but oh, how their paths and the time it takes to tread them differ!

ExpansionMain Storyline DurationWith Extra Content
A Realm Reborn35–60 hoursVaries greatly
HeavenswardAbout 50 hoursPlus dozens more
StormbloodAround 50 hoursLoads extra
ShadowbringersClose to 60 hoursA ton more
Endwalker50–60 hoursCountless hours

Crunching the numbers, we spot “Endwalker” in a heated race with “Shadowbringers” for who can claim the most epic main storyline. Yet, when you factor in that extra content – the side quests, the crafting, the leveling of alternate classes – “Endwalker” might just nudge ahead.

Having trod this path myself, I can tell you, the journey through “Endwalker” felt like a marathon and a sprint wrapped into one – a relentless push through emotional highs and lows, punctuated by moments where I simply had to stop and soak in the beauty (or catch my breath from laughing too hard at the game’s wit).

Comparing “Endwalker” to its predecessors isn’t just about who took the longest to complete or offered the most side quests. It’s about the stories told, the worlds explored, and the memories made. Each expansion is a chapter in a much larger saga, and “Endwalker” feels like that moment where you pause, looking back at how far you’ve come, before taking that deep breath and stepping into whatever adventure awaits next.

Short and sweet, or long and winding, every route through Final Fantasy XIV’s expansions is a journey worth taking. But buckle up; “Endwalker” might just have you racing the sun.

FAQs About How Long Endwalker Is

How long does it take to beat Endwalker?

Endwalker is like a marathon with snacks along the way; you’re looking at around 50 hours to cross the finish line if you stick to the main story. But hey, who’s counting when there’s so much fun to be had?

Is Endwalker longer than other FFXIV expansions?

Yes, it’s like comparing a dragon to a chocobo! Endwalker packs more punch and takes a bit longer than its siblings. It’s the big cheese of RPGs in terms of length and content.

Can I speed through Endwalker if I’m short on time?

Trying to rush through Endwalker is like trying to sprint in heavy armor – possible, but why would you? You can shave off some hours by skipping side quests, but don’t miss out on all the good stuff!

How do spoilers affect my playtime in Endwalker?

Walking into spoiler territory is like stepping on legos – painful! Knowing twists ahead might save time, but it zaps half the joy. Stick with us; we’ll guide you without spoiling your adventure or dragging copyright into this party.

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