Kid-free Vacation at Finest Playa Mujeres

I love kids. I really really do. I have two of my own and I am a kindergarten teacher at a school in Denver. I am around kids ALL THE TIME and even though I adore them, man there are times when I just need a break! A day without Barbies and Barney and booboos becomes an obsession and it’s time for a vacation from anyone who can’t tie their own shoes!

We usually travel with the kids, we know it’s important for them to see the world and learn about other cultures, but we decided that this time, NO KIDS. Just us. Hubby and me. Me and Hubby. It seems like a million years since we had any alone time. Grandma and Grandpa had been begging for time with the munchkins so when summer vacation began, we dropped them off to be spoiled and headed to the airport!

Adults-Only Cancun Here We Come!

The flight was a breeze, we flew direct from Denver to Cancun and it was only four hours, what a treat to have breakfast in the mountains of Colorado and lunch on the beach of Cancun! Coming in for a landing in Cancun we had the best views of the sea from the airplane, what a spectacular sight, I just kept repeating “WOW. WOW. WOW”, I was almost speechless! If you know me at all, me being struck speechless is not a common occurrence, just ask Hubby.

We had reserved a suite in the adults-only section of Finest Playa Mujeres. This was a break from kids after all! We had an ocean view and a private jacuzzi for two and as soon as I walked into the suite, I swore I was never leaving. I live here now. Forever. Room service! The mini-fridge was stocked, the beds were OH SO COMFY and sitting on our balcony listening to the ocean waves instead of kindergarten whines was my personal version of paradise.

Finest Playa Mujeres Adults Only

Hubby and I took FULL advantage of the break and enjoyed ourselves immensely! The Excellence Club let us relax in a private kid-free space on the beach and our romantic dinners were amazing, I didn’t have to cut anyone else’s food or clean up spilled juice! Grown up dinners with grown up cuisine and an incredible selection of wines. Yes, we had some grown up juice and didn’t spill a drop!

We are blessed. We know it. And we are grateful for all of our blessings! Our family who helps us, our jobs that allow us to travel and we have each other. We know that not everyone in the world enjoys such blessings so we decided to take one day of our vacation that would NOT be kid-free. Before we traveled I searched online for organizations in Cancun that help kids. We loaded up on school supplies at the Cancun Walmart and headed to Isla Mujeres to visit the Little Yellow Schoolhouse. I had contacted them in advance so they knew we were coming, when we arrived we were blown away by the warm welcome. This is a school for special needs children on a tiny island with few resources, they rely on donations to continue to operate and it was eye-opening indeed! It certainly made us appreciate what we have back home! They were so excited to receive the school supplies and we couldn’t resist leaving a cash donation as well, those smiles gave us more than we could ever ask in return. I read them a storybook, we had hugs all around and my heart was full.

“Muchas gracias” to Hubby for this incredible vacation, to grandma and grandpa for spoiling the grandkids rotten while we were away and to the people of Mexico for making us feel so welcome. A kid-free vacation was just what we needed and we can’t wait to return to Finest Playa Mujeres! 

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