6 Kratom Products You Can Use If You Are A Housewife

We come across many people almost every day who consider Kratom a placebo or a miracle product, a high dosage of which may help with all their health issues. It is a misconception. Let us simplify the concept of Kratom for you.

Are you aware that you use at least 50 strong chemicals daily via your daily products? For example, skincare enthusiasts may need to learn that the acids they use on their skin may burn them if their composition is unstable. Similarly, the strong chemicals in your protein shake may cause irreparable damage to your organs if you consume them in large doses for prolonged periods.

Kratom is also a compound you can include in your daily life, say a liquid gold shot, without experiencing the harmful side effects of chemicals. However, everyone doesn’t fancy the bitter taste of Kratom. So, if you want to experiment with Kratom products and include them in your daily meals, this article is for you.

Understanding Kratom

Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is now a popular compound in the market. It originally comes from Southeast Asia, but to meet growing demands, United States farmers cultivate it. It is more potent than other organic compounds like cannabis; thus, medical professionals consider it a potential alternative to chemicals.

The organic compound has properties that may help improve your overall health. Thus, consuming it every day may be more convenient. It may provide stimulating and sedating effects, catering to several needs. For example, it may come in handy with muscle pain or may help with anxiety or depression. However, attending to separate health issues may be challenging amid your hectic schedule.

However, we do not advise you to self-diagnose your health condition. It will be ideal if you consult a health expert instead.

6 Kratom Products That Every Housewife May Use

The products like powder or pure extracts contain the earthy flavor and aroma of the organic compound, which individuals do not prefer. However, the versatility of the compound comes in handy in this scenario. So, let’s check out the safe products for everyday use.

Kratom Liquid Gold Shot

Kratom comes from the coffee family and thus possesses caffeine properties. Therefore, it makes the compound a suitable alternative to your morning coffee. That is why the shots are gaining popularity.

You can either add a teaspoon of the liquid gold shot to your morning health drink or can add it to your breakfast smoothie. In addition, you can add the liquid gold shot to your salad dressing if you prefer consuming the organic compound with your lunch.

Individuals can also consume the shots as is. One of the most demanding products in the market is the MIT45 liquid gold shot. Premium vendors provide 100% organic liquid shots with a stable alkaloid profile, making them suitable for consumption.

Kratom Powder

One benefit of the organic powder over the shots is that the bitter taste and aroma are less noticeable in the former.

The Kratom powder from MIT45 is ideal. It is also available in capsules, but if you want to control the dosage, you can add a teaspoon of Kratom powder to your tea or salad bowl. You can add it to your oats or mix it with your health drink. Most vendors provide all the strains in powdered form.

Kratom Oil

In a survey, most regular consumers said that they found the oil more beneficial than all other organic products. It allows them to include the potential benefits of the organic compound in almost every food. You can cook your favorite pasta or toss your chicken in Kratom oil. You can also use it in salad dressing as an alternative to other oils.

Organic oils may also come in handy for topical use. During winter, we always look for the most moisturizing body lotion. You can use oil instead of coconut or olive oil. It may also help fade scars.

Kratom Cookies

It is the perfect time to have cookies, but many fitness enthusiasts are avoiding cakes and cookies to avoid gaining a few extra pounds. The cookies may come to the rescue. If you replace some portions of flour with organic powder, you can avoid a few calories.

In addition to that, the organic compound may make your cookies nutritious so you can have a guilt-free snack.

Kratom Gummies

Adults also love indulging in gummies. But conventional gummies are packed with tons of chemicals and sugars. It is harmful to your health and may also lead to weight gain. So, you can instead have organic gummies.

They are all-natural and thus contain no chemicals. In addition, manufacturers usually do not add sugar to the product and instead use honey or other natural sweeteners, making the product healthier than the rest.

Kratom Honey

A common problem people face nowadays is finding an ideal alternative to Kratom. Jaggery and other sugar substitutes usually have some sugar percentage, negatively impacting the weight loss journey. Thus, it is ideal to switch to Kratom honey.

Organic honey contains pure Mitragyna Speciosa extracts, and its consistency is usually thinner than the original honey. However, you can use it to make Kratom honey sticks as a potential alternative to chemical gummies.

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Why Should I Consume Kratom Every Day?

We received several comments from our readers asking about the daily benefits of using the organic compound. Many said opting for organic products will be sufficient to avoid chemicals. However, they are unaware that manufacturers are adding chemical products to organic foods and cosmetics to enhance efficiency.

However, it is not possible in the case of Kratom products, as the American Kratom Association keeps a check on it. Manufacturers must follow all the Goods Manufacturing Practices and send their products for third-party lab testing to get approval from the organization.

If you consume Kratom daily, you should be mindful of the dosage. It would be best to start with small doses and work your way up to larger ones.

Final Thoughts

Mitragyna Speciosa is a new compound, and scientists have yet to study its effects extensively. Thus, one cannot be sure that Kratom will not produce side effects. When a person searches for queries like “can you smoke kratom?”, he also needs to research thoroughly about everything related to it before going ahead.

Regular users who did not follow the advised dosage faced severe side effects. If you notice any overwhelming change like excessive itching, nausea, or dizziness, you should immediately contact any American Poison Control Center. The treatment of its side effects is similar to that of poison consumption. Thus, you must receive help immediately.

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