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Learning and holding strong concepts to achieve excellence. Knowledge is the best result that learning delivers. The holdover strong concepts are necessary to understand and enhance the learning. Math is a subject that involves the understanding of the basics. It is quite challenging for maximum students to understand the fundamentals of being a tricky subject. There are different types of concepts such as fractions, long division, multiplication sets, algebra, etc. Proper guidance is needed to achieve the best knowledge. Math involves the building of a strong foundation at the basics and memorizing the concepts. Opting method of online math learning is exceptional the best to interact with the tutor learning at your pace. Cuemath is the site that provides information about every concept. Considering the example of the long division method. The grasping long division method is the skill of math.

What is Meant by Long Division?

Long Division is a method that involves the division of larger numbers into various steps in a particular order. This method involves the dividend-divided divisor and the result is called the quotient. In some cases, the division results in the remainder.

  1. Dividend: The number which is divided.
  2. Quotient: The amount divisor receive which is the answer in the majority of the cases.
  3. Divisor: The number which is used to divide the dividend.

Steps Involved in the Long Division:

  • Divide.
  • Multiply.
  • Subtract.
  • Bring Down.
  • Repeat.

Steps to Find The Square Root of a Number Using The Long Division Method:

1- Pairing of digits in the group and starting from the digit at units place. The remaining digit and the pair is called a period.

2- Choose the largest number which has a square equal to or less than the first period. This number is taken as the quotient and divisor.

3- In the third step, subtract the product of the quotient and the divisor from the first period. Bring down the next period to the right of the remainder and this is the new remainder we get.

4- The divisor new obtained is by taking twice the quotient and further annexing it with the particularly suitable digit which is chosen as the next digit of the quotient. Taken in such a way that the product of the new divisor and this digit is either equal to or less than the new dividend.

5-Repeat the above-mentioned last three steps till all the periods have been considered. The quotient obtained is the final result of the required square root of the given number.

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