9 Reasons Why Merino Wool Is Best For Winter Hunting Wear

There are lots of reasons why hunters with experience opt for higher quality clothing than newbies. A hunter who has had years of experience physically out in the field knows that there are times he depends on his gear to keep him alive. Never was this truer than in the winter, in cold hunting conditions, when you are out in the wilderness alone for long stretches.

When conditions get tough, you need gear that keeps up with you. You need a type of fabric that won’t let you down, that you can use time and time again without disappointment. The only fabric we know of that meets all the criteria for excelling in cold weather hunting, is Merino Wool.

9 Reasons why Merino Wool is so Special

What is it that makes merino wool so special? It’s taken from the Merino breed of sheep, which has crinklier hair than other breeds. These crinkly fibers are finer than other wools, locking together tighter to make material that never tears. Let’s look at all the reasons you should choose merino wool the first time around.

1. It’s Adaptive

Merino wool adapts to your body temperature. When you need to be snug, it makes you snug. When you need to cool down, it will wick away moisture and keep you comfortable. When you are out in the field, you need a fabric that adapts with you to the conditions. Merino Wool is flexible and responds to its environment.

2. It’s Odor Resistant

Merino is wool and wools naturally muffle any smells. You can wear your fabrics out hunting for days at a time without fear. If you air it out, you can use your merino wool layers a few times before you need to wash them.

3. It’s Naturally Anti-Microbial

This is because it’s naturally anti-microbial. All wool materials tend to be so. These natural oils found in wool are repellent to parasites, bugs, and bacteria that aren’t supposed to be there. If you wear merino – or any other wool – besides your skin, you are protecting yourself from bug bites and other problems,

4. It’s Soft and Gently

We all know that wool is itchy, right? Well, not Merino. It’s so soft and gentle that it’s perfect for a base layer. Most hunters that swear by it like the feel of it against their skin, especially in comparison to other fabrics associated with hunting. You don’t want waxed waterproofs or polyesters next to your skin if you can help it. Unlike cotton, merino will wick away your sweat, too, rather than holding it against your skin.

5. It’s Long-Lasting

Merino wool will last you a lifetime once you buy it. There is a rule in hunting about buying good quality gear that you can depend on in the worst scenarios. Merino wool is good-quality gear that won’t let you down. The interlocking crinkly fibers of the wool mean it is constantly tangling around itself, even after weaving. This stuff is so hard to rip you would need dedicated effort to do it.

Warm Merino Wool

6. Merino Wool is Warm

Although temperature respondent, merino wool is warm enough that it can protect you in those crucial sub-zero temperatures of the winter or mountain hunt. Layer it up with your other layers and top it with waterproofs for best results.

7. It’s Sweat Absorbent

Merino will soak up that sweat and get it away from your skin. This leaves you drier for longer.

8. It Doesn’t Irritate Sensitive Skin

Since merino is so soft and warm, it fits snug against even sensitive skin.

9. It’s Ideal for Layering

Finally, merino wool is ideal for making layers. Use it as the base layers of a full cold-weather gear outfit and you can stay out for longer. Sometimes all it takes is an extra half hour to land that buck. Merino wool can buy you that time.

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