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All About Motorcycle Harley Davidson Frames

Who hasn’t heard all about Harley Davidson motorcycles? Now is the perfect time to learn all about these magnificent motorcycles and all about the types of frames and how they are used. There are five different types of frame models to choose from when it comes to purchasing a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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The Sportster Harley Davidson Frame

The first type of motorcycle frame is going to be the sportster. The sportster’s are always going to start with an XL and other letters that will follow and occasionally numbers. It’s important to remember that the sportster is considered a sporty type of Harley-Davidson. The sporty’s all have unitized motors. This type of frame has four cams and it is atypical for this type of set up which means that the pushrod tubes actually run parallel to each other. This is interesting, because you realistically can pick a sportster engine from a mile away just because of this particular set up.

The Touring Bike Harley Davidson Frame

The next type of Harley-Davidson motorcycle frame is going to be a touring bike. The amazing part about these types of frames is that they are heavier with bags and the wheels are either going to be a 16 inch or a 17 inch diameter on a non-CVO model. The narrow bigger diameter tires will not be seen on this type of bike. Also CVO stands for custom vehicle operations which is the performance division of Harley-Davidson. This type of frame is often showcased. A touring bike can be spotted with a flamboyant paint job, or it may have hot rod parts, or in some cases where the bikes are really tricked out – the wheels can be really flashy.

Due to the fact that these are a more expensive type of bike only limited numbers are produced each year and the letter code for this type of frame is going to be SE.

Next is going to be the softails for a body frame. These are generally a really easy frame to spot, because they have a hidden rear suspension that attempts to look like a rigid motorcycle with an unsprung rear, but in all actuality it is really just suspended. The popular ones are going to be the Heritage Softail, the Fat Boy, and the Night Train. They come in two different by varieties including the FXST softails with a large front tire and a narrow diameter then the FLST softails has a wider tire but the diameter is smaller in the front.

The softail is the only type of modern Harley bike that has Springer front ends. They will fit on other stuff that is motorcycle related, but Harley-Davidson was the only motorcycle manufacturer that ever put them on softies.

V-Rods are in different type of Harley-Davidson frame, because these are liquid cooled engines. If you see a V-Rod, you can expect to see the lettering VRSC something on the Harley-Davidson bike. This is a unique type of Harley-Davidson.

Finally, the Harley Dyna frame which is the cheapest way to get into a big twin model of motorcycle. This has exposed rear shocks and the front end is narrow. This is also an easy bike to spot because all you need to look for is the letters FXD with the exception of the new Switchback. That is more like an FLD, because the little front wheel and it also has touring forks.

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Different Motorcycle Frames

Here is a frame set up for a proprietary Baker driveline transmission for a few different types of motorcycles. This is the 250RSD Bagger Frame. It can be used on twin cam a or twin cam be motor configurations and it also is a frame that excepts most OEM parts that is available in multiple different stretches and the rake is a standard with this Rolling Thunder brand.

Looking for a softail replacement frame? Look no further this hardbody OE-style replacement frame is going to be perfect for models using 86-89 components. The frame has a strong backbone, because it is made out of 1 ½ inch wall thickness DOM tubing. This is made to accept a big twin evolution engine with up to .200 inch taller cylinders with a five-speed solid mount transmission. It also has a rear belt drive with a flat side Fat Bob gas tanks.

The 200 Chopper Rolling Chassis for Harley EVO motor is a custom rolling chassis with a rigid chopper kit that has chrome 60 spoke 21 inch rims that will fit an 84-99 EVO style HD engine. This is a high quality line that is customized. This is perfect for the Ultima engine, S&S engine, RevTech engine, and the Merch engine. This is an extremely versatile rolling chassis that will also fit Evo style and Patric engines as well. It is affordably priced for under $1400.00.

The Harley-Davidson brand has been around for a very long time. Consumers from all over the world love this type of motorcycle and the fact that there are different types of frames to choose from is amazing. Not only can you enjoy a nice luxury Harley-Davidson where you can tour around the country, but you can also get a sportier model and be able to enjoy more speed. From youngsters to retired folks – owning a Harley-Davidson is a wonderful way to enjoy the road and get away on secret retreats while enjoying a nice ride on the road.

The Harley-Davidson community is a globally known, so if you are a person that is interested in biking events or motorcycle clubbing – the Internet is a great way to learn about any type of future rides in your local area. It is a great way to socialize, but you can also become a member of a new community and be able to enjoy riding your bike alone or you can go with all of your new friends. Families love to buy these types of bikes, because it is a great way for mom and dad to enjoy a date night.

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