Personalized State Return Address Stamps

Personalized State Return Address Stamps

These days, it seems like mailing letters is a foreign concept for many people out there. 

Why send a letter when you can simply send an email instead? Or better yet, a text message!

But while physical mail is certainly less convenient, there’s something heartwarming about this outdated form of communication. And today, many people still choose to keep in touch with their loved ones with handwritten letters. 

Somehow, it seems more personal, more loving, and more genuine. When you receive a letter from someone, it’s obvious that they actually went to significant trouble to make their message extra meaningful. 

And besides, you have much more freedom to be creative when writing a letter. You can choose from a wide range of colorful and interesting paper types, and all kinds of other oddities. 

You can take extra time and effort scribbling out your message in elegant handwriting… Perhaps you’ll use a very special pen that leaves a bold impression. 

But while all of this is important when creating an amazing handwritten letter, there’s one element of a letter than holds a special place in many of our hearts. 

That’s right, we’re talking about stamps!

Stamps have been held in high regard for countless decades, with many diligent individuals going through lots of trouble to build up their own incredible stamp collections. 

Stamps are one of the first things we see when we pick up a letter, and it’s always interesting to see the design and the type of stamp used. 

These days, you can purchase special customer stamps that add tons of flavor and personality to your letters. Although you’ll need additional, government-sanctioned stamps to actually get your letter to where it needs to go, these stamps add tons of character to your letter. 

But before we get into some of our favorite custom stamps, let’s first explore the history of stamps, and how they’ve evolved over time… 

A Brief History Of Stamps

The very first postage stamps were introduced way back in the 1840s, in England and Ireland.

As for the specific person credited with the invention of these postage stamps, a Sir Rowland Hill is generally held as being responsible. This man initiated a series of postal reforms in Great Britain, and the introduction of postage stamps was one component of these reforms. 

But before these reforms, postage stamps were actual “stamps” in the traditional sense – with ink and cork or wood cutouts in special shapes. During this time, envelopes weren’t even used, because this represented an unnecessary additional cost. 

Instead, letters were simply folded and sealed shut, to be opened by the recipient as they paid the postage fees. 

Later, the system was reversed – with the sender being the one who paid the fees. At this time, the postage stamp was introduced.

And the very first postage stamp was called the “Penny Black.” Two days later, the “Two Penny Blue” was introduced. 

To this day, the United Kingdom does not write its name on its postage stamps – instead simply showing a picture of the reigning monarch to identify the country. It is the only country to do so. 

In just ten years, the amount of letter sent skyrocketed in Great Britain – from a measly 76 million to 350 million letters per year. 

As time went on, newer methods reduced the need for postage stamps, and stamps spread throughout the world – following Britain’s lead. 

But throughout all this time, the fascination for stamps never faded for many people. Today, there are millions of stamp collectors all around the world. 

Our Favorite Personalized Return Stamps

Now that you understand this history behind stamps, you know that ink-based stamps were actually the first to be used in history. 

So when you use your own personalized return stamps, you’re actually stepping backward in time in a thoroughly satisfying way. 

Personalized return stamps are an excellent way to show the recipient where the letter is coming from. 

Not only do these personalized return stamps add personality to your letters, but they’re also incredibly convenient. Instead of having to write out your name and address every time you send a letter, you can simply pull out your stamp and save time with one thrust of the hand. 

This could be ideal if you send a lot of letters – either for your work or simply for fun. 

But enough talk! Let’s get down to our favorite personalized return stamps:

904 Custom Square Address Stamp

This is a elegant stamp design for anyone who wants to clearly display their return address. 

The top line is written in calligraphy – perfect for your last name – while the rest of the stamp address takes on a neat typewriter font. 

Of course, this stamp is fully customizable and is self-inking. 

904 Custom Classic European Hand Stamp

Like we’ve already stated, the origin of the postage stamp goes back to Great Britain.

This European stamp design takes notes from that era and location, with a vintage-inspired circular design. 

The address is outlined in a circular fashion, and your full name goes neatly in the middle. 

The best part of this stamp is that it’s made from authentic oak wood. 

904 Custom State Return Address Stamp

This will undoubtedly be a fan favorite because it actually features the outline of your specific state. 

You can choose from all of the various states, and show your state pride as you mail your letter. 

You can personalize this stamp with your name and your address, and the information is elegantly integrated into the outline of the state outline. 

It’s also completely self-inking, and works well with water-based inks. 

Printoo Custom Return Address Stamp

This is another variation of the state return stamp, and it also features an outline of whichever state you wish to represent. 

But unlike the previous option, this one is a little more structured, and a little less “artsy.” Because of this, it could be perfect for professional tasks. 

Simply Stamps State Shape Address Stamps

If you’d like to see a wide selection of different return address stamps, simply head over to They have a huge selection of different customizable options, including those with state outlines. 

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