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Antique Copper Bloodwood Deer Hunter 30 Caliber Wooden Pen

Antique Copper Bloodwood Deer Hunter 30 Caliber Wooden Pen

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This Handcrafted Deer Hunter Bolt Action 30 Cal Bullet Deer Hunter pen is a unique ballpoint "Bolt Action Bullet" style wooden pen. It is a handcrafted wooden pen, turned from a section of Bloodwood. Bloodwood is an exotic wood that is sometimes referred to as cardinal wood, for its obvious beautiful deep rose color. The wood is very dense, with a tight fine, mostly linear grain.

This is an absolutely astonishing pen featuring detailed filigree craftsmanship of the head of a stag.  This is a hand turned wooden Bloodwood pen with 30 Caliber bolt-action bullet hardware. The red hue of this wood is beautiful and matches beautifully with the antique copper hardware. An intricate deer head sits atop the clip of this bolt action pen. The bottom has an intricate deer scenery that wraps around the bullet tip. 

The perfect gift for lovers of a fine pen, soldiers, hunters, servicemen or just someone who wants a unique pen for everyday use or for conversation starters.

  • Deer Hunter Bloodwood Bolt Action 30 Cal Bullet Pen 
  • 30 Cal Bullet Ballpoint Style Pen
  • Parker Style Refill
  • Handmade Deer Hunter Pen in USA
  • Item Ships in "Bourbon & Boots" Burlap Bag
  • Great Gift Ideas for Deer Hunter






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