Bourbon Barrel Cigar Ashtray

Bourbon Barrel Cigar Ashtray

Bourbon Barrel Cigar Ashtray

$ 49.00

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“I have made it a rule never to smoke more than cigar at a time” — Mark Twain 

We wonder if Mr. Twain would have set himself such rigorous standards, had one of our Bourbon Barrel Cigar Ashtrays been available in his day.  In a previous life, this dual-grooved beauty was used to age bourbon.  The Bourbon Barrel Cigar Ashtray is beautifully hewn from the charred Ozark White Oak barrels that helped to define the very bourbon they once held.  This is a rare item handmade from reclaimed bourbon barrels.  It is a perfect bourbon barrel gift for a bourbon lover. 

Each Bourbon Barrel Cigar Ashtray is unique in grain cut, and has been stained and clear coated to add years of life.  Twin grooves are approximately 3.5” long, and ash bowl is 2.75” in diameter.

Freud was right…sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  But this cigar ashtray is so much more than just an ashtray.


  • Twin grooves approx. 3.5" L
  • Ash bowl is 2.75" in diameter
  • Bourbon Barrel Furniture
  • Handmade from Bourbon Barrel 


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