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Bourbon Barrel Cufflinks

Bourbon Barrel Cufflinks

$ 85.00

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The Bourbon & Boots List of 10 Things Every Man Should Own…

#7 — cufflinks

On our list of 10 things every man should own, a unique pair of cufflinks comes in at No. 7.  

It is well known that cufflinks offer a way of wearing jewelry without pretension – to merely hint at one’s own taste and bearing.  Certainly there are those of the gaudy sort, but they will not be found here.

Our Authentic Bourbon Barrel cufflinks are made from 100% reclaimed bourbon barrel wood with silver-tone backings. Crafted in the shape of actual bourbon barrels, the set is a one-of-a-kind gift… the ultimate accessory for any gentlemanly occasion.  These bourbon cufflinks are certain to spark an interesting conversation at social gatherings.

Each cufflink pair is a unique creation & will arrive handsomely gift-boxed with an authenticity letter denoting the brand of bourbon the wood served. 

Display your appreciation for fine bourbon and living well.


  • Handmade from Bourbon Barrels
  • Gift box included



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