Heritage Edition Collector's Copper Cup

Heritage Edition Collector's Copper Cup

$ 250.00

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Take a good look at this refined American made drinking vessel from famed Mid America Coppersmith Jacob Bromwell. Established in 1819, Jacob Bromwell is the oldest existing coppersmith in the United States and their copper cups are the cornerstone of refined drinking. Copper is a natural insulator and keeps your drinks colder longer, which is one of the reasons our copper cup has been such a popular item of ours since James Madison was President (seriously). Today, our 100% handmade in the USA Collector's Copper Cup is an exact replica of that original, with an FDA-approved tin lining that allows you to safely enjoy any beverage, even acidic ones, just as pioneers and settlers did nearly 200 years ago. This copper cup is the ultimate way to toast America’s rich history, one satisfyingly cool sip at a time.

Dimensions: 5 inches long x 3.5 inches in diameter x 5.5 inches tall.

Holds roughly 28 fluid ounces.


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