Holiday Season Reclaimed Bourbon & Whiskey Bottle Lights

Holiday Season Reclaimed Bourbon & Whiskey Bottle Lights

Holiday Season Reclaimed Bourbon & Whiskey Bottle Lights

$ 89.00

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It's holiday season, are you looking for a distinctly unique decorative conversation piece and light source. These rare and unique handcrafted alcohol bottle lights have been refurbished after their original purpose of containing and dispensing the finest Kentucky Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey in the world.  Our craftsmen have collected the empty bottles and repurposed them into a stunning lighted bottle where the glow and hue of the bourbon and whiskey is used to produce a gentle light that is both purposeful and decorative.  Perfect for home bars, man caves, or entertaining areas. 


Each reclaimed 750ml bottle is inspected, repaired if needed, and filled with a non-toxic natural additive calibrated for to the exact color and tone of the original liquor contents. The bottles are then sealed and tested for leaks. The light source for each bottle is an waterproof outdoor rated LED light strip featuring over 120 LED lights. The radiate the natural carmel tones and hue of the liquid inside the bottle as well as backlighting the label of the bottle for each unique brand.  The lamp ships with a battery attachment and will last for over a year with three AA Batteries. 

  • Holiday Season Repurposed Alcohol Bottle LED Lights
  • Utilizes Reclaimed Kentucky Bourbon Bottles & Tennessee Whiskey Bottles
  • Available in Multi Bourbon & Whiskey Bottle Brands 
  • Utilizes Non-Toxic Natural Substrate, No Alcohol is Included 
  • Size: Standard 750ml Bottle 
  • Weight: 2.1 lbs 
  • Utilizes Battery Light Source, Battery Case & Remote Provided 
  • Unique Gift for Bourbon Lover, Whiskey Lover
  • Handcrafted in Southern USA

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Jack Daniels®, Bulliet®, Four Roses®, Blanton's® and Maker's Mark® are registered trademarks and this handcrafted bottle lamp is not endorsed or affiliated with these brands in any manner.



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