Etched World Globe Whiskey Decanter w/ Antique Car

Etched World Globe Whiskey Decanter w/ Antique Car

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Embrace your love of travel, adventure and whiskey with these stunning, mouth blown, lead-free glass decanters. Your guests will admire the artfully detailed antique car encased in the etched world globe glass decanter.  This decanter features an ornate antique car inside of the decanter.  It features amazing glasswork detail. The etched world globe rotates within its beautiful wood frame and base. Before sharing a pour with your guest, turn this globe spirits decanter east to west or west to east to view the decorative etching of a world map while admiring the rich hue of your prized bourbon, scotch, whiskey, or cognac. The heat-resistant glass globe decanter includes a plastic & glass stopper and and a mahogany stained base. 

An absolute must for the adventurer or car enthusiast in your life. 
Each decanter is beautifully displayed on a Mahogany stained wood stand with a cork stopper.

Etched globe lead-free glass
Detailed antique car encased in the decanter
Mahogany stained wood display
Dimensions: 10" H X 4- 1/2" W X 6" D
Weight: 1.8 lbs.


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Etched World Globe Whiskey Decanter w/ Antique Car